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[Taipei Cafe]-La Vie Rêvée Des Anges Cafe

As a café addict I decide to start my first post about one of my favorite café- La Vie Rêvée Des Anges Cafe.

Studying in Tamsui for almost 4 years, Tamsui is not so attractive to me as to others, but recently I just discovered this place that I will be willing to come to Tamsui for, that I’d like to share.

“La vie rêvée des anges” – the dream life of the angels

Naming this as a café might seem exaggerating, but believe me, even the Angels are willing to  stop and stay here for a while.

What makes this café so attracting is that it is totally windowless and doorless. (For smokers, congrats you found the perfect café.) Of course this means that there are no air conditioning, so maybe you will want to visit here when it’s not too hot, and if you’re an angel who needs air conditioner!

Moreover, located next to the Tamsui river makes it even more romantic, you can bring a nice novel (like I did) and spend your whole afternoon here, enjoying your novel with the sunset.

There is also an area you can find which is filled with sketch books, they are for customers to share whatever they want, so if you don’t have a book, here you go!


I’m not specially sensitive with coffees, but their Orange Peel latte really stands out from the ones in other coffee shops, you can really taste the flavor of orange and not just sugar. Coffee with sunset, dessert is always a must. One of the best things of this café is that you can bring your own food here (just be sure to order their drink), and they offer also bagels and muffins(yum yum). Enjoy! (scroll down for more pictures↓)

-address: No. 233-1, Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, 251

(Mrt: Tamsui/ Red)

-opening hours: Tue-Fri: 14:00-00:00

Saturday, Sunday: 13:00-02:00

-wifi and plug not included

-contact: (02) 8631-2928





這間咖啡廳最特別的地方是它沒有門也沒有窗戶(有抽菸的朋友恭喜了),這也代表了沒有冷氣所以可能要挑不那麼熱的日子到訪比較舒服. 坐落在淡水河邊幫它增添了許多浪漫的氣氛,帶著一本小說很容易一待就是一整個下午順便看日落.




-地址: 251新北市淡水區中正路233之1號

-營業時間: 星期二~五: 14:00-00:00

星期六,日 13:00-02:00

-Wifi, 插頭: 無

-電話: (02) 8631-2928


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