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One of the best things about Taiwan is that we have all different types of food (if you have visited you’re going to reply me with a duh!) from stinky Tofu in street vendors, to delicate desserts like the one in the picture.

I have to admit this café is really out of my expectation, the main reason I came here is just for the appearance of these adorable cakes, I don’t expect them to be tasty but they actually do!! If you have a sweet tooth like me and can’t resist cute things, this café might be on your top list.

Unlike the retro and loft style cafes that are popping up in Taiwan, this Café is bright and spacious with plenty plugs, they got basement also with a different kind of atmosphere.

The most important thing is that the colors on the foods are not artificial, they are all natural colors from the ingredients itself.

By the time you’re in front of the freezer you will know my struggle of not being able to make  decision between them!

At last, I got the Sullivan one with brown sugar latte. The cake is an earl grey chiffon with cream inside. Normally, I don’t eat the cream in cakes but this one I just can’t resist it. It is not too sweet (which makes people feel less guilty) with the earl grey scent, also it is not too creamy so it won’t be heavy. The size of the cakes are just perfect for a girl to finish (at least I did, oops) but the premise is I haven’t eaten before this.

Brown Sugar is a popular food ingredient in Taiwan which you can find it easily anywhere, the combination of it with coffee is always my top choice, make sure you try it also;) Except for the sweets they got savory also, you can find them from the menus below. Enjoy:)


Ps. They suggest to make reservation for their cake in advance (I didn’t, but I suggest maybe  if you’re certain of which one you want you can make a reservation, or you can just go and let them surprise you)

Pps. They offer home delivery service also (


-Address: No. 423-1, Jinzhou Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491

(Mrt: Zhongshan Junior High School/ Brown)

-Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10:00-21:30

Sat-Sun: 9:00-21:30

-Wi-Fi and Plug included

-Contact: (02) 2503 3386

-Facebook Fan page:



不像最近在台灣越來越多的工業風,復古風咖啡廳,初米的ㄧ樓走明亮路線空間也很寬敞,當然插頭和wifi也是不可少的. 如果比較多人一起造訪需要比較大的空間的話它們也有地下室,又是另一種風格





Ps. 店家建議蛋糕要事先預訂(我當天是直接去的,如果是有哪一款特別想吃的話那就訂吧,不然也可以像我看當天有什麼再決定)

Pps. 店家也有提供蛋糕宅配服務



-地址: 台北市中山區錦州街423之1號


-營業時間: ㄧ-五: 10:00-21:30

六-日: 9:00-21:30

-Wi-Fi, 插頭:有

-電話: (02) 2503 3386


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  1. Hey hey I can reply with a duuuh indeed ? The atmosphere and the cakes you described look really nice, glad you shared it ?

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