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[Thailand] Pattaya 56F Tower Jump

Pattaya is a “must visit” city when people visit Thailand, and the reason…I’ll leave it to you…

Except for the flashy activities, there is also one place which catches us tourist’s eye-

To jump down from 56 floor.

The “pattaya park tower jump” is located in Pattaya Park which is a resort hotel. It has multi-function which has amusement park, water park, panorama seascape restaurant(52-55F) and our “tower jump”.


There are 3 ways to do your jump

-Tower Jump: for single person

-Speed Shuttle: for 2 people, you will be standing in a half covered cage-like shuttle

-Sky Shuttle: for 6-8 person, 0 challenge.



Although the little Jean deep inside of me yelled “NO~”, I still signed on the paper to do the jump.

Before you jump they do the security measures very well, they will make sure that the rope on your waist can bear your body weight (by hanging you in the air).

Moreover, people who are under 45 kg have to be aware that you cannot take this ride (you can find a scale beside). By chance one of our member is facing this problem, the solution is to give all of our bags to her to gain her weight.

(If you are going for the Shuttles, there will be no extra ropes on you.)

Then, it is time for you to jump! I would say the hardest part is when you are on the edge and deciding when to let yourself go… After that tough moment I believe you are going to enjoy the rest of your slide like others did. The speed is not too fast and you will be accompanied with an amazing view!

Before you land you will see a photographer in front of you, be ready to show your best pose in the air (you may want to start thinking now), after landing they will ask you if you want to buy the picture or not.

Hope you enjoy the ride!

(More pictures below)


Tower Jump Business hours: 10:30-18:00 (according to the weather)

Email reservation:




造訪泰國, Pattaya可以說是一個必去的景點,至於原因~應該不用我詳細說明…



這個”pattaya park tower jump”其實是一家度假飯店,




Tower Jump: 單人

Speed Shuttle: 雙人, 像是乘坐半蓋式電梯,沒有另外的繩索

Sky Shuttle: 6-8人,0挑戰性


儘管Tower Jump看起來既恐怖又危險,但其實他們安全措施都做得很徹底。綁完繩子以後他們會先”試掛”你,確定繩子能承受你的重量。




不過 牙一咬眼一閉腳邁開 其時會發現沒有想像中的恐怖,








Tower Jump 營業時間: 10:30-18:00 (據天候調整)

Email 預約:



You can see someone in their ride!


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