Summer Must Have- Culottes

As culottes starts getting fashionable again, this pair of white culottes are my new bff. Instead of black I think white matches everything in your closet better, especially when summer is coming you won’t want to attract the Sun’s attention too much. Also, loose trousers are always smarter than skinny jeans in summer.  

High waist is also another reason that makes me love this culottes so much, it gives you the model proportion which makes your legs look super long! Just put any crop top on, the look will never disappoint you. 


當寬褲又開始流行的時候這件白色的寬褲就一直是我的新歡。比起黑色, 我認為白色反而更好搭配;特別是在炎炎夏日,白色相對的會是更聰明的選擇。而寬鬆的褲子也比緊緊的牛子褲舒服的多。 



Bag               Top

I bought my Culottes in a nice boutique shop in Taipei, I’ll attach other nice pieces I found also.






I’d love to know your favorite look, make sure to leave a comment:)

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