[Travel Kit] Skincare in Flight 飛行中也不忘保養

How do you keep your skin hydrated during long distance flight where the humidity is lower than desert?  

Today I’d like to share my tricks to keep my face fresh and moisturized during long distance flight. 


The necessities for me during long flights are: 

Paper wipes 

Tissue paper 

Facial Wipes (for removing make-up) 

Eau Thermale Avene-Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion (yes, I mean this specific one) 



Facial crème (more hydrated ones than my usual ones) 

(You don’t have to have all of the skin care products, just follow your own daily skin care routine.) 

















After seeing the above I guess some of you might think that this means I have a big beauty kit in my handbag, but actually No! I can fit them all in an ordinary cosmetic bag, and the trick is all of them are testers, which are small and disposable.  

So, after my favorite time-meal time, I will clean my hands with paper wipes and start my skin care routine and have a nice rest (like at home). I personally don’t use the water on the plane, except for drinking water, so paper wipe is a big help. 






Face Cleaning 

I will use facial wipes to remove make-up then use Avene’s Cleanser Lotion to clean my face thoroughly again and wipe it off with tissue paper.  

(I believe that the most important step for skin care is cleaning your face, to let your pores breath, so after removing make up I always wash my face again with normal cleanser.) 

Like I said, during flight my skin feels dehydrated than usual, with make up on makes it worse, so removing make up and cleaning my face thoroughly on plane is a big challenge to me until I found this lovely product-Cleanser Lotion from Avene 

The reason why I love this Cleanser from Avene so much(seriously, I can’t board without it) is because it is really gentle and you can easily remove it with a tissue paper which is really convenient when you are on plane! This cleanser is so mild that you can also use it after facial treatments (laser treatment…etc.) 





Your skin care routine 

Mine: TonerSerumFacial crème. 

I chose the ones I bring on plane randomly but will still make sure the hydration is enough. This time for facial cream I chose Dior’s Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced Perfect Skin Creator Refill. From the picture you can see it has a creamy color which corrects your skin. Since I will not have make up on during the flight, I don’t want to look too pale so I chose to use it this time.




我選擇的保養品都是隨機的,唯一會確認就是它們夠保濕.這次臉部乳液我選用了Dior的超級夢幻美肌粹. 你可以發現它的乳液是有顏色的,會幫你修飾肌膚,畢竟在飛機上會是素顏的狀態還是希望自己看起來不要太狼狽

Make up 

1.5 hour before the plane land I will go to the toilet to put on foundation and lipsticks. I chose to do it around this time because when it is closer to landing people will start to get up and go for toilet, so just to avoid the crowd. 

Hope my tips help you and I would like to know your favorite travel kit as well 😉 






Here are again is the Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion that I sincerely recommend you to try.


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