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[Ireland] Falling in love with Cork愛爾蘭之我愛上的Cork

How is Ireland? 

Honestly, before visiting Cork I always answer with an uncertain answer.  

After visiting Cork, now I will definitely recommend you to visit this lovely country, and the city you should definitely visit is Cork. 





Transportation (Dubin-Cork) 

From Dublin to Cork I chose Aircoach

Price: €22 return  

Duration: 3hrs nontop

Get on: The bus stop in front of USIT(pic below)

Get Off: Patrick’s Quay of Cork (which is also where you get on the bus when you’re going back to Dublin) 

(Me with 163cm height, I’ll say their seats are spacious and comfy enough to sleep peacefully for 3 hours.) 

*You can either buy your ticket online or on the bus, I booked mine online just in case everyone chose to go to Cork at the same time as me. 

Aircoach Website:




票價: 來回€22

車程: 3個小時中間不停

上車: USIT前面的公車站牌

下車: Cork的Patrick’s Quay(也是你回都柏林的時候上車的地方)。




Dublin bus stop for Aircoach.

Cork bus stop for Aircoach.

 Where to visit in Cork 

If you ask me what is the reason why I like Cork so much, I really can’t come up with a specific reason, it’s just the feeling the city gives that you make you feel so pleasant and at home. The cozy feeling is blended into every corner of this city, I’ll list my favorites below. 





1. Colorful Stairs//彩色階梯 


2. The English Market

Photo Credit

The most well-known market in Ireland which has 200 years history. 


The chocolate shop:  they have a big variety of selection, each around €1,

The Farmgate Café: I didn’t get to visit it this time since their famous bread and butter pudding are sold out, if you plan to visit be sure to go earlier. 


2. 英國市場 



The chocolate shop: 選擇非常多,都€1左右 

The Farmgate Café: 這次沒有機會造訪因為太晚去他們有名的bread and butter pudding賣完了,如果想去的話要記得早點出發喔 




3. Street Art街頭藝術 

If you’re addicted to taking photos like me, I’m sure the Street arts won’t disappoint you! 


This one is right next to The English Market entrance on St. Patrick’s Street

這個在英國市場St. Patrick’s Street入口旁邊的巷子




This one is 5 minutes walk from Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral↓

4. Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral 

It’s said as the most incomparable Cathedral in Ireland, and yes, I agree with it. 


Entrance Fee參觀費: €5 


5. Elizabeth Fort 

Free entrance 



6. Cork City Gaol//Cork監獄 

You can choose to stay with their tour guide or go around yourself, they will give you a detailed guide map.  


The first thing you’re gonna see when you enter the Gaol


There are some specific prisoners who have to leave their clothes out of their cell before going to bed, guess why;)


Also, don’t miss the best Chocolate place in Ireland-O’ Conaill Chocolate Shop

Find out more about Cobh(30min from Cork)-Titanic’s last stop

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