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[Austria] Austrian National day-Selfie with President! 奧地利國慶日

I still remember last year when I see some friends who were in Austria posting pictures with Tanks on street, the first thought was “What Happened”! Are you as surprised as me? That’s how they celebrate National day!

Here are the things you can do on their National day:




Close contact with Military Arsenals/與軍事設備近距離接觸

In front of Rathaus people get the opportunity to see, touch and even climb on the tanks. What’s more, if you are curios or you have questions about them, there will be friendly soldiers to answer your questions. People get to know more about the team, how and who are keeping them safe.



Selfie with the Federal President/ 與總統合照

On this day, the door of the Federal Chancellery will be opened and welcomes everyone to come and say hi to the president. You get to shake hands and chat with the president in person, and what’s more? You get to take a selfie with him! Are you as amazed as me? I know that many countries are friendly and welcoming, but I never know that they can be this welcoming.



Visit museums/ 參觀博物館

National day is also a good time to visit museums. There are many federal museums with free entrance fee or with discounted price.




Here are some museums:

Free entrance

Nationalbibliothek/ National Library

Architekturzentrum Wien/ Museum of Architecture


Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst/ Museum of Applied Arts


Volkskundemuseum/ Museum of Folklore

wien 3

Free or discounted price

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien/ Natural History Museum




Kunsthistorisches Museum/Art History Museum


Hope you enjoy this day as I do:)