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Taiwan blogger-ohwanderlin

Hi! Thank you for coming here to know a bit more about me

I am Jean, 27 years old from Taipei, Taiwan. I am a vegetarian🥦born in a hyper buddhist family but won’t call myself a “buddhist”. I believe in Karma.

Current life:

Currently residing in Lisbon with my boyfriend from Moscow.

In case you’re curious, how did we meet?

In Valencia, Spain. We were classmates in the same Spanish language school…I know, that’s totally not expected!😂

Now we are seeking a place to settle together since Moscow and Taipei are not an option for now(life happens…)
So we will be trying out new places and I will share them in this blog. Currently, we are in Lisbon which I’m doing a Master!

How this Blog started

I started this blog in 2016, simply because I’ve discovered that there are so many Taiwanese bloggers sharing amazing things to do in Taiwan, but my foreign friends can’t get any of those insider’s information, so I started my blog with English content included.

When I first started, all my friends thought that I would be blogging fully about cafes😂I am indeed a coffee shop lover!
In the beginning, it started like that, but the more I write, the more I know what I am interested in-which are cultures!
So now you will find my blog posts mostly about travels and cultures instead of cafes.

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I love solo traveling, that’s how you get to know more people and listen to different stories and different lifestyles. (But now I’m sticked with my sweet burden)

And I loveeeeee to take pictures, duh! Not a news. Before I met my boyfriend I used to envy those who have an Instagram husband/bf, lol, but now although I have my boyfriend I still take my own pictures(like above).

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I love to learn new languages(that’s also how you get deeper into a country’s culture right?). I speak Chinese Mandarin(mother language), English, Spanish, and a tiny bit of German(took me so many years of effort but its fading😥)

Countries I’ve lived

After my first Eurail trip in Europe, I set up my mind that after I graduate from Uni in Taiwan I’m going to find whatever possible way to live in Europe.
So I’ve lived in Austria (still my favorite country) for Working holiday/ learn German, Ireland, Spain to learn Spanish and now Portugal for my master’s.

Due to the pandemic, my boyfriend and I can’t find a common place to live since we hold different passports, we went to Mexico for half a year (literally the only place in the world that my boyfriend and I could both enter) and Dominican republic.


One fun fact about me

Thinking about what to eat or cook tomorrow is the last thing in my head before falling asleep(it’s like my sleeping meditation, try it).

Feel free to contact me with any response or what you would like me to share, really hope that you like it or at least inspires you a little.
Love, Jean