[Austria Cafe] Cafe Little Britain-Enjoy the British vibes in Vienna

Fancy a trip to London but got no time? Why not enjoy the British vibes during your stay in Vienna? Located close to the Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien, Cafe Little Britain is the perfect place for you to visit after your course or coming for brunch.  


找不出時間去一趟倫敦嗎?位於維也納經濟大學約10分鐘距離的Cafe Little Britain就能讓你感受到十足的英式氛圍,不論是下課後跟同學小聚或是睡晚了渴望一頓早午餐,這裡都是個不錯的選擇。

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I fell in love with the vibe of this Café the moment I entered. It is exactly as you would imagine of an English Tea room, the fireplace, the floral wallpaper, the candle lights, the cupboards, the friendly staffs…every detail is taken care of, always ready for you to fall in love with it.  


進門的那剎那我就愛上了這間咖啡廳的氛圍,你所能想到英國茶室必須具足的這裡都能找到: 壁爐,蠟燭,壁紙,花卉壁紙,茶具…每個細節他們都沒有放過,隨時準備好讓你愛上著個地方。

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One of the thing I like the most about Cafe Little Britain, are the quotes you can find in every corner that will make you smile


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No matter you plan to have something filling or just an afternoon tea with light desserts, you can find them here.  They have brunch which serves till 14:00, and bagels if you are looking for something filling. When it comes to English Tea room, tea sets are a must! You can find them in Café Little Britain and all other amazing desserts. 


不論你想找主食或是輕食甜點,你都可以在Café Little Britain找到各式種類。它們的的早午餐供應至下午2點,另外還有貝果都是比較有飽足感的好選擇。講到英國茶室,英式茶具當然是不能少的,在Café Little Britain都可以找到這些精美的器具配上美味的餐點。


The day I visited I just finished a huge brunch, so I went for the one that seems lighter and guilt free.  I had Topfen Mousse Tortchen with Latte Special Schoko Cookies. The Topfen Mousse Tortchen tastes as it is named- mousse, with the scent of lemon and a little milk flavor. It is not too sweet and with a little sourness embellishing. The Schoko Cookies Latte, I would say it is a bit too sweet for me, but with the Topfen Mousse Tortchen they are such a great match! 


我造訪Café Little Britain的那天才剛吃飽,所以我選擇了感覺比較無罪惡感的Topfen Mousse Tortchen和Latte Special Schoko Cookies。Topfen Mousse Tortchen正如其名,慕斯的口感配上檸檬香氣再加上奶香味。整個甜點不會太甜,再配上一點點檸檬的酸味點綴,非常適合想吃一點點心又怕太有罪惡感的女孩們。Schoko Cookies Latte對我來說有點太甜了,但和Topfen Mousse Tortchen剛好是個絕佳的組合!

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Even the tea trays have small surprises to make your day:)

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Fancy an afternoon tea? Be sure to visit Café Little Britain! 

Opening Hours: Wed-Sun 09:00-18:00

T: 01 – 99 62 143

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