[Austria Cafe] The Heart of Joy-Top brunching place in Salzburg/薩爾茲堡早午餐

As a vegetarian when I am searching for places to eat, I don’t search specifically for vegetarian restaurants, but this place, was recommended by a non-vegetarian friend who had been living in Salzburg for 7 years! Without a doubt it must be outstanding. 


身為一位素食者在查詢餐廳的時候我並不會特別找素食料理或素食餐廳,而這家The Heart of Joy Cafe是一位在薩爾茲堡住了7年的非食素朋友推薦的,無疑的這家店該是具備了2把刷子吧!

The Heart of Joy Cafe 

Located close to the Mirabell garden and opens from 8 in the morning. So, no matter you’re searching a place for nice coffee with friends or healthy breakfast with family, the heart of joy cafe will be a perfect choice.  

The day I visited is 8 early in the morning and many seats were already reserved…so you know where you should put in your pocket list when you visit Salzburg 😉.

When you enter, you can definitely feel the calming atmosphere taking over this place. Not for long you might realize that you can find some portraits of Sri Chinmoy-the master of meditation, which I believe inspired The Heart of Joy to create such a calming and friendly aroma. If you are interested in trying mediation, you can find many information in the entrance. 

On weekdays (mon-thu) their breakfasts are only served between 8-11am, and weekends all day served.

Here is the link for their menu: Tap me 


The Heart of Joy Cafe 距離米拉貝爾花園只有5分鐘的距離,從早上8點開始營業。平日(週一至四)早餐供應時間8:00到11點,假日全天供應。我們造訪的那天非常難得得起了個大早,8點就到了,看看桌上已經有好多預約的立牌,由此可見這個口袋名單真的沒有放錯!

Menu 點我


不久呢,就會發覺整間店充斥著一位人物的肖像,他就是- Sri Chinmoy。他是誰呢,我會把他解釋為一位冥想大師,相信他一定在某些方面鼓舞了The Heart of Joy 才創造了這個這麼撫慰人心的氛圍,如果你對冥想有興趣的話入口處有更多資訊。

What we ordered

The Heart of Joy Breakfast:  Chai latte with rice milk, homemade spread, vegan butter, vegan ham, two bread and vegetable sticks 

The Heart of Joy Breakfast: 印度香料拿鐵(採用米奶), 自製抹醬, 素食奶油, 素火腿, 2片麵包, 蔬菜棒


Vegan Delight: soy latte, vegan ham, porridge with fruits, vegan butter, jam and spelt bread

Vegan Delight: 豆漿拿鐵,  素火腿, 燕麥糊搭配水果, 素食奶油, 果醬, 全麥麵包


Soy Latte

Your drink will be accompanied with some inspiring quotes

Chai Latte

See how cute their Chai Latte is! What’s more, you can decide if you want your coffee with fresh milk, or soy/ rice/ cereal milk.

飲品都可以選擇自己喜歡的牛奶, 像是鮮奶,豆漿,米奶, 穀物奶。


As you can tell from the pictures they are “very” healthy, personally I like their Vegan Delight more. Their porridge is very rich with the scent of coconut milk, definitely recommend it! And normally I eat plain breads without spreading additional jam, but their jam is an exception. You can tell that they are homemade with the thick and rich texture, although I’m not so into healthy wheat toast, but with their jam I’m fine 🙂 


從照片裡可以看出他們的早餐真的非常健康, 我個人比較喜歡他們的 Vegan Delight。他們的燕麥糊非常濃稠 甜度剛好,再配上椰奶的味道~強力推薦。另外, 我通常吃吐司不再抹醬的,但是他們的果醬還是被我沾完了。果醬是非常濃稠像膏狀的, 完全不會太甜, 再配上我不愛的非常健康全麥吐司 剛好!


Whats also on their Menu

Vegetarian stuffed peppers Vegetarian Crepes Gluten free carrot almond cake

What you can also find



A huge variety of teas.


And of course healthy products are a must


And also, if you’re catching up with a friend and have to keep your child occupied..



So, if you’re looking for a place with soothing atmosphere, come to the Heart of joy😉 btw they got a big variety of vegan and gluten free cakes also :p 

 除了健康點以外他們還有非常多種的素食蛋糕或無麩質蛋糕 😉


Monday – Thursday: 8am – 7pm
Friday – Sunday: 8am – 8:30pm

Tel: +43 662-890-773

Official Website

The Heart of Joy Facebook




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