[Austria Cafe] Wunderladen-Tiny Atlas in Wonderful Wien

As a serious café hopper, instead of asking google for the best coffee places, I like it more when I just pass a place which seems nice and step in randomly. This is what happened with me and Wunderladen. 





Vienna is already a city with classicist buildings, and this place caught my attention among them while I’m wandering in the streets behind Karlskirche. Wunderladen means wonderful store, which suits this place so well. You can shop while having a coffee at the same time, what’s more, you are welcome to book this place and have your own party. The design of this cafe is super charming with cozy atmosphere, definitely Instagram worthy.  


維也納最不缺的就是華麗的建築,而在Karlskirche後方的巷子中有這麼一家小巧可愛的店,能在這些建築中輕易的吸引你的目光。Wunderladen這個名子與這家店名符其實,有wonderful store的意思。在喝咖啡的同時也可以逛店。此外,你還可以包下這個華美的小店舉辦自己的派對,聚會。


To do 

Except for having coffee and cakes, you can also shop and read a book here without bringing your own. Before entering you can find that it says support local business, which means the items in Wunderladen, from Tshirts to sunglasses, they are from local designers = it is unique and you wont see it everywhere. In here you can find a corner with a cute bookcase. You are welcome to take them home with you and bring one back in return, how nice is that! 



To eat 

I had a Melange with Coconut Ferrero cupcake. The Melange was too bitter for me, and talking about cupcake, I am not a coconut fan, but this one satisfies me. The cupcakes are from Brass Monkey, which is well known in Vienna. The cream cheese on top is very thick dotted with coconut powder, maybe eating the cream cheese alone will be too sweet, but with the cupcake base which is not sweet…they are such a perfect match, with coconut Ferrero standing on top.  The scent of coconut is not too strong but just an embellishment of this cupcake. 


我點了Melange配Coconut Ferrero cupcake。Melange對我來說太苦了,但杯子蛋糕卻甚得我心,而前提是我並不是一個椰子口味愛好者。它們的杯子蛋糕是另外一家咖啡廳Brass Monkey的產品,在維也納頗具知名度(是的,已納入口袋名單)。杯子蛋糕最上面是非常濃郁的乳酪配上椰子粉的點綴,若單吃的話可能會覺得太甜,但是配上本身沒有甜度的杯子蛋糕,這個組合非常完美。我吃杯子蛋糕最忌諱一切就解體的鬆軟型,這個杯子蛋糕非常扎實,再配上些許椰子香味的襯托…該找機會拜訪Brass Monkey本人了

If your planning to visit Vienna, Karlskirche is an attraction that you shouldn’t miss, and this fascinating place as well. 


Opening Hours: Mo-Thu 10-19/Fri 10-18/Sat 11-17

Contact for booking: sabrina.abrahams@gmail.com

T: +43 660 77 35 863


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  1. Maninder Kaur

    1 10 月, 2017 at 10:38 下午

    This place is so cute! I love the decor!


    1. Jean Lin

      16 10 月, 2017 at 6:48 上午

      Yes!!I really love the atmosphere.

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