[Thailand Accommodation] Anantara Bangkok Sathorn Hotel

The last night of your travel always makes the night more special and memorable, especially staying in Anantara Sathorn gives this night a bonus point!


I stayed in the “Kasara Two Bedroom Suite” with 3 other friends, although we know we’re going to have a fancy accommodation for the last night, but we were still stunned when we just entered the room. With a living room and a big dining table, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathroom, balcony… this place feels like a home rather than a hotel, especially when you’re with your close friends.

我們這次住的是 Kasara Two Bedroom Suite,儘管我們已經提前收到預告知道我們今晚會入住豪華酒店,但是進房間的那刻我們每個人還是無法自拔的把嘴巴張得極大。映入眼簾的是完全不小氣的大空間-廚房以及客廳,再加上2間臥室,2間廁所,陽台…這感覺已經不像酒店房間了而是一個回到自己家的感覺,特別是當你是跟要好的朋友在一起的時候


After we finished the tour in the room we headed directly to the sky lounge-Zoom, there are so many facilities in this hotel and this lounge is the one that I will definitely recommend!

參觀完房間以後我們直往樓上的Sky Lounge-Zoom前進,安娜塔拉酒店裡有相當多的設施與公共空間,這個Lounge絕對是安娜塔拉的一項重頭戲。你可以坐在38樓戶外欣賞曼谷的夜景配上美酒美食,還有比這裡更適合約會的嗎?

You can see Bangkok at night from 38th floor an opening outdoor area, definitely a romantic place for date. This bar closes at 1am, I know the party haven’t started yet, no worries there is a Familymart which opens 24/7 just right beside the lobby(be aware that they sell alcohols only on specific time:11-14, 17-24).

Zoom晚上一點打烊,若是還沒吃飽喝足不用擔心,大廳出去往右手邊方向走就有一家全家便利商店。(若是要買酒的話要注意,在泰國買酒是有時間限制的:11-14, 17-24)

Be sure not to drink too hard because you will not want to miss their breakfast, the wi-fi is only for free at the ground floor and be sure to take your room card with you anywhere you go, you will need it to activate the elevator.


Enjoy your stay:)



  1. Michael

    25 7 月, 2017 at 12:21 上午

    Looks great will def visit if I go there

  2. Marisabelle bonnici

    24 7 月, 2017 at 9:58 下午

    Looks great will def consider when visiting ?

  3. Nasreen

    21 7 月, 2017 at 6:38 上午

    Lovely accomodation! The hotel looks amazing… ?

    1. Jean Lin

      25 7 月, 2017 at 1:34 上午

      Thank you:) This hotel is definitely worth a stay if you visit Bangkok.

  4. Fiia

    21 7 月, 2017 at 5:47 上午

    Sounds and looks amazing! Must have been a great experience shared with your friends ?

    1. Jean Lin

      25 7 月, 2017 at 1:39 上午

      Yes, thank you:) It is really a special night

  5. Nasreen

    20 7 月, 2017 at 11:37 下午

    Lovely accomodation! The place looks beautiful and luxurious… You must have had a wonderful time ?

    1. Jean Lin

      25 7 月, 2017 at 1:45 上午

      Yes, surely it is luxurious, comparing to other luxurious hotels in other country we think that the price is more reasonable in Thailand though. Worth a stay.

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