2020 Ideal of Sweden Black Week offer/ 50% off everything and extra 5% off with my discount code

It’s this time of the year again! Black Friday sales!!!
No matter you are buying yourself a treat for this exhausting 2020 or a gift for your beloved, I’m sure that Ideal of Sweden will not let you down.
趁著國外Black Friday的熱潮,沒在過黑色星期五的我們這時候也可以跟風一波把該買的聖誕交換禮物,生日禮物(射手座的同胞🙋🏻‍♀️擊個掌),跨年禮物…情人節禮物?通通都買齊吧!!
有在關注Ideal of Sweden 手機殼 的朋友有福了!! 這可是我看過IOS最最優惠的一次折扣阿!

幫你代購Ideal of Sweden!不用怕網站英文看不懂!
去官網看你喜歡的款式/價格 私訊我就行了喔~👇🏻
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but I might receive some commision fee=
it might be the cup of coffee accompanying me now.
Happy shopping😉


👇🏻My stylish piece👇🏻我的Ideal of sweden👇🏻ideal of sweden discount code

When talking about Marble phone cases, the first brand that comes to my mind is definitely Ideal of Sweden, but they didn’t just stop there, now you can find also numerous stylish accessories to level up your style.

講到大理石手機殼我腦海裡第一個浮現的就是 Ideal of Sweden. 他們就是大理石手機殼的始祖阿!

ideal of sweden discount

Ideal of Sweden Ring Mount

ideal of sweden black fridayAt first, I was afraid that:
firstly, this ring mount won’t be strong enough to keep the phone from slipping from my Hand, I have those famous “slippery hands” that I drop things ALL the time🙄.
Secondly, the reason I got Ideal of Sweden’s phone case is because of their stylish design, I don’t want just a random ring mount to ruin the whole case.

After I got my ring mount, I can guaranty you that they are VERY solid, which means it will be hard for your phone to fall from your hand.
Ideal of Sweden’s Ring mount comes with 2 parts, one part is the ring itself which you hold, the other part is a magnetic sticker for you to stick it on your phone.
Needless to say, look at the ring mount’s stylish design, they will match your stylish phone case perfectly.

Check out the latest collection here

Ideal of Sweden 手機指環扣

好啦總之我會這樣據實稟報是因為手機指環扣牢不牢靠對我來說超重要阿,螢幕很貴誒…(ಥ _ ಥ)

Ideal of Sweden的指環扣經過我的測試後真的是夠穩固我可以幫它拍胸脯
Ideal of Sweden的指環扣不是只給你一個指環配雙面膠,它是磁扣2件式,一件給你貼在手機殼上,另一件就是指環扣,2件靠”非常強”的磁力把手機跟你緊靠在一起,你不要用力甩它們真的很難分開。
優點是: 可以選擇要不要帶指環扣出門,不會明明不想用它還一個凸凸的東西在手機背面。
優點之二: 這麼美的指環扣你哪裡找! 我不考慮指環扣很大的原因就是因為他們讓你的手機殼變很不美誒,但是Ideal of Sweden完全都跟它的手機殼配好好,沒有不美,只有更美😉


Ideal of Sweden Airpod cases

stylish airpod cases ideal of sweden

Get an airpod case that matches your phone!
See how Ideal of Sweden cares about their detail! They even got airpod bags!

Take me to airpod cases
Show me more about airpod bags!

Ideal of Sweden 還特別做了Airpod的專屬小包,你心動了嗎😍

看更多 airpod 保護殼
更多 airpod 小包!

Ideal of Sweden Wireless charger/ Qi Charger
Ideal of Sweden無線充電盤

wireless charger ideal of sweden

View more design here/點我看更多

Okay, I’ll leave you here and shop yourself, Ideal of Sweden has so much more to offer from laptop bags to passport covers and wallets.

好了~說再多也沒有你直接逛得快。舉凡筆電包、證件套…你想的到的 Ideal of Sweden 都有而且都超有型~👇🏻點下面開始尋找專屬你的美麗吧~

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The main purpose of its blog post is Ideal of Sweden’s Big Black Friday sale!

You get 50% off EVERYTHING!
This is the biggest sale I’ve seen Ideal of Sweden had, seriously, don’t miss your chance.

Moreover, except for 50% off any item you like, for purchases up to 59€, with my code  BFZ94DTQ you can get another 5% off, and with purchases over 59€ you can get 20% off!!

This is the best time to upgrade your accessories, not to mention cross out all the names on your  Christmas gift list.

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Ideal of Sweden 黑色星期五折扣

這真的是我印象中Ideal of Sweden最最最大的一次折扣了!要買生日禮物/聖誕禮物/情人節禮物….真的千萬不要錯過這次機會!

除了全館商品半價外,使用我的折扣碼BFZ94DTQ 59€ 以下都可以另外再打95折,59€以上的消費可以再打8折!你還在等什麼!


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