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Are you planning your trip to Busan-South Korea’s 2nd city🥳? Looking for Busan hotel recommendations?
Let me recommend you a Haeundae beach view hotel which is worth every penny! When we found the H Avenue hotel, my boyfriend asked:” can we cancel our trip to Seoul and just stay there?”Wait till you see the view!

Internet for South Korea
Unlimited data simcard 3/5/10/20/30 days (seoul pickup)
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Busan Hotel-H Avenue

Such a view~ isn’t it! The beach is just right in front of the hotel, not to mention the spectacular Gwangan bridge.

Actually, I provide the appearance of the H Avenue Hotel so that you can recognize it before your arrival. There are 3 buildings and H Avenue Hotel is in the Last Building. (Although we gave our Taxi driver the exact address, still he doesn’t know the exact location, so please recognize this building first). While we were on the beach we even found out that the building “next to” our hotel has a big “H Avenue” logo on it🤔🤔🤔I mean, it’s like advertising on your neighbors right?

Talking about Taxi and transport…I have a longggg experience to tell.
See this 👉🏻Real experience with Taxi in Korea, apps you need to download, how is the High-speed rail (KTX) in Korea

Busan Airport to City center Transportation

If you already know that for sure 
your will be using Taxi as your transportation between airport and hotel, 
I highly recommend you to book your drive in advance!
Below are services which I use myself:
The price is fixed, the time is fixed👌🏻👌🏻

Airport-City Transfer in busan

Busan beach hotel

Check-in/ Breakfast area/ Lobby/ Bubble bar

Press 12F to check in to H Avenue
12F is where you do your check-in and check-out, where you will be having breakfast, and where their own Bar-Bubble Bar is located.

Do you see the outdoor area with a perfect view? You can have your breakfast here or wait till the night to enjoy this view with Gwangan bridge’s light show🤭How amazing, isn’t it? You don’t have to bother to search for another “bar with a view“, this is just right in your hotel!!!

Moreover, while we check-in, they gave us a coupon for the bar. A welcome drink for each person🥳

Bubble Bar 👇🏻

busan bar with a view

This is also where you will have your breakfast.

where to live in busan
busan where to stay
Where to live in Busan

Please delete the bed in the middle of the room. Somehow the hotel thought it will be 3 of us living here, so they added an extra bed. We asked them to remove it and the room becomes much more spacious!!
The 2 little windows are the only ones that you can open. How is the Air circulation in the room?
👇🏻Find out below

Isn’t this dreamy!!🥰

Firstly they got a very big fridge (for hotel standards), and water of course(you get 2 bottles per day for free/ or 3 if you are 3 ppl, if you consume more than that, the price they sell in the hotel is more or less the same as convenient stores outside!), even the design of their kettle is 😍😍.

If you need coffee to start your day, no worries, they got Capsule Coffee Machine ready for you.
Something that really amazed me is that they even got face lotion and toner for you, you think that’s all? Even hair straightener!!


View & Review

I visited Busan’s H Avenue Hotel‘s Deluxe double room with sea view in winter. During the daytime, the sun’s heat hits the room directly (I’d say it’s a plus), we had to turn off the heating system and open the window. I won’t say the air circulation from the window is enough, but it’s not a big problem for me.

Although 80% of the room is exposed to the sun, you don’t have to worry about being woken up at 6 in the morning by the sun. They got a big curtain which covers the windows fully.


If you stay more than 3 days they will clean your room with your permission, just hang the “clean my room” sign!


No suspicious noise was heard during my stay. The only noise I heard is from the 1st floor while we open the window.

Bathroom amenities

Fully equipped bathroom with a Biggg bathtub (which I love~~). Bathrobe, Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel..stable hot water…okay~what did I miss🤭
They have everything you need, and I especially love their bathtub which is a necessity if you are visiting Busan during the winter!


H Avenue hotel is on the last 2 stories of the building I showed you earlier. Other floors of this building are mostly restaurants. We met so many locals in the elevator heading to other floors for food.
Heading out of the hotel, there are bars, restaurants, cafes, convenience stores scattered around, and even a seafood market!
The metro is just 15 mins on foot.

Apps to install for Korea, Google map doesn't work here!

Night view from H Avenue Hotel

Where to stay in Busan

Without being exposed to the wind, this view could be all yours!
If the sun doesn’t bother you in the morning, you can even fall asleep with this view (without using the curtain I mean)!!!

One extra secret🤫:

While people are searching for where to watch the Gwangan bridge’s Light show, you can easily enjoy it cozily in your room!

Next time when I come to Busan again, H Avenue Hotel would definitely be my 1st choice!
If you are lucky enough to encounter a vacant room…

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Things to do in Busan


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