[Ireland] Titanic’s Last Stop-Cobh鐵達尼的最後停靠站-Cobh

I believe you all have that experience when you saw a picture on Instagram then you told yourself straightway that you’re gonna visit there someday, that’s what led me to Cobh-Titanic’s last stop. Cobh is recently exposed for its colorful houses with a big church as its background, today I’m gonna show you the exact point for this wonderful view which I almost went through the entire city to find.

(Just in case you are in my earlier situation-not knowing how to pronounce, Cobh is pronounced as “Cove”)


我相信你們也有過經驗,看到一張照片後就立誓一定要造訪這個地方,而這就是引領我來到Cobh的因素-鐵達尼號的最後一站。Cobh最近因為一排的彩色房子配上後面的St. Colman教堂而開始曝光,今天我會帶你們找到拍攝這張照片的絕佳位置(相信我,真的不簡單)

(可能也有人跟我一樣看著Cobh這個單子愣著不知道該怎麼發音, Cobh的發音像”Cove”)


Train: Kent Station Cork-Cobh

Duration: 30min 

Price: €9.9/ Leap Card: €9.48 

*The train station is a bit far from the city center, be sure to be on your Train on time (we missed one and have to wait for another hour, oops)



火車: Kent Station Cork-Cobh

票價: €9.9/ Leap Card: €9.48


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Cork Station
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When we just got off the train we saw this Ferry and thought that was the Titanic Museum, haha🤣


The first thing you’ll see after getting out of the station-Annie Moore Statue 出了車站第一眼會看到的-Annie Moore雕像

Cobh Heritage Center

👉Learn the story of Irish emigration/ 了解更多愛爾蘭的移民史👈

Recorded the history of this town. You can learn about the immigration story of this Historical town.


Titanic museum/ 鐵達尼博物館

👉How can you miss titanic’s last stop!/ 不能錯過鐵達尼博物館啦!👈

One attracting reason for this museum is that the boarding card you get looks exactly the same as the ones the Titanic passengers get, with a real passenger name on it. You can find which class you are, how old the passenger was, and before you leave the museum there is a board for you to check if you are rescued or not.  

(If you’re lucky enough, maybe you got the chance to choose if you want a younger passenger’s ticket or older passenger’s ticket.) 

In the museum you get to see how it looks like to stay as a 1st class passenger or a 3rd class passenger, you get to smell how it was like in different corners of Titanic and get to experience the sinking fear in a cinematographic room. 




The passenger I’m holding survived!/我的登船證上的乘客存活了!

The Heartbreak Pier-the last point for passengers who boarded Titanic/ 鐵達尼停靠的最後一個港口
What class do you think this is comparing to the one below?與下面的房間相比,你認為這是什麼艙等呢?


Farmer’s market/ 農夫市集 

Opening: every Friday 10-13 

Markets are the best while travelling! Located right beside the Titanic museum, my visit was after 13 so there weren’t many vendors left. If you’re visiting on a Friday, check it out for me;)


營業時間: 每周五10-13



St. Colman’s Cathedral

Where the colorful houses are



The perfect spot for photo 

Seroiusly, I walked for almost 2 hours to find this exact point for this photo, I thought just kept going uphill will be right but turnout I’m on the wrong track. 

For good photos you have to make some effort, and that is-climb a wall!! This is so far the craziest thing Ive done for a photo. On top of the wall was quite spacious and a great place to chill, I think I was up there for almost 30 minutes or more? I even helped some other tourists to take some photos of this fantastic view also!  






Would love to hear how you think about Cobh also:) 

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