[Spanish Culture] Driver’s Lucky charm for Spaniards-Medida virgen del pilar/ 西班牙人車上的平安符

“What is that blue strap tied on the Rear-view mirror?”
“What is that thing on the car’s antenna?”
Have either those questions pop up in your head during your time in Spain? At least I did.


medida virgen del pilarsource

After asking my friend who is a local, she said this is called La Cinta de la Medida de la Virgen del Pilar (phew~quite long eh?)which is a lucky Charm for Drivers and Motorcycle riders.
Sounds quite simple right? But guess what, the process for getting this lucky charm wasn’t easy at all!

在問了當地朋友以後,她說這叫La Cinta de la Medida de la Virgen del Pilar (也太長了吧…)是行車平安符(我就不進行不專業翻譯了,聽起來真的很怪XD什麼支柱上的聖女的尺寸…)。


First of all, you can’t ask for this Lucky Charm anywhere randomly in Spain, there is a specific city you have to go which is Zaragoza.
第一: 這個平安符可不是隨便哪裡都可以求的喔,一定要去 Zaragoza薩拉戈薩, 也就是西班牙的第五大城。

Secondly, this La Cinta de la Medida de la Virgen del Pilar won’t work if it is purchased by yourself, you have to receive it as a gift. (What!! I know~so normally Spaniards don’t go to Zaragoza alone, but with friends.)
第二: 這個平安符不是想要保平安自己跑去買就好了,一定要是別人送的喔 (所以通常西班牙人都會跟朋友結伴一起去)

Where哪裡Basílica del Pilar皮拉爾聖母聖殿主教座堂


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To know more about La Cinta de la Medida de la Virgen del Pilar.

medida virgen del pilarsource

1. There are 12 colors for your preference.


2. The virgin goddess which protects drivers is María
3. The Lucky charms all have the same length: 36.5 cm, which is the height of the virgin Statue
4. “Medida de Nuestra Señora del Pilar” is written on the Lucky charms which means “the measurement of our lady on the pillar”

2. 柱子上供奉的是瑪麗亞
3. 每個平安符的長度都是36.5公分,象徵著柱子上瑪麗亞的大小 (所以我真的沒有亂翻平安符的名子啦,真的叫做聖女的大小之類的~)
4. 平安符上繡著 “Medida de Nuestra Señora del Pilar

Extra Tips:
Nowadays there is a trend among Taxi Drivers in Spain to support females who need help, and how do you recognize them? They will have Purple la Medida de la Virgen del Pilar on their car.
如果在西班牙看到計車司機的車上綁有紫色的Purple la Medida de la Virgen del Pilar 代表他們願意幫助婦女,若是在外不幸遇到突發狀況的話可以向他們尋求協助喔

Now you know Spanish driver’s secret, are you ready to get one for your family and friends 😉
準備好去替家人朋友求一個平安符了嗎? 也歡迎留言幫我想想緞帶的名字到底怎麼翻吧~

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