[Valencia Bar/ Cafe] El Cafetín-Hidden Gem in the center of Valencia瓦倫西亞老城區特色酒吧

El Cafetín were said to have one of the best Agua de Valencia (Valencian cocktail) in town! Okay, this wasn’t actually how i found this hidden gem in the first place.

Agua de Valencia(瓦倫西亞之水)是瓦倫西亞特有的調酒。聽說El Cafetín調的Agua de Valencia可是城裡數一數二的呢! 好啦,其實這不是我們相遇的經過…

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One of my favorite way to discover new places is by getting lost, okay, “getting lost” wasn’t really necessary… but wandering around. This was how I found El Cafetín.
See! How can you not be attracted!

我最喜歡挖掘新地方的方法就是: 迷路! 好啦,迷路不是必需的,但是亂晃絕對是最好的方式。這也是我怎麼發現El Cafetín的!

el cafetin valencia

Located in the old part of Valencia El Carmen, except for their unique interior, their terrace is actually the best part I love about them. Literally located in Valencia’s historical district, you can just sit here and watch how the city go by.

El Cafetín位於瓦倫西亞的老城區,除了它裡面獨特的裝潢,我最喜歡的其實是它戶外的座位區。

el cafetin valencia

When sitting outside, you can really see how everyone interacts with each other. An old man who lives next door passing by, sharing a bag of chips he just opened with people at the next table.


el cafetin valencia

A piano located in the middle of El Cafetín, Sometimes they have live performance going.


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Opening hours: Everyday 12:00~01:30
Menu: link

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