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Looking for things to do in Faro Portugal? A day trip in Faro? You’ve come to the right place! This post will be sharing with you what to do in Faro Portugal for a day and what to see! Especially for those who are heavy social media users(like me), I will give you an extra tip about an Instagram-worthy place in the Faro district-the Pousada Palacio de Estoi (and it’s completely free!)😉keep scrolling!

Faro map Portugal

Famous as Algarve Portugal is, you might be as surprised as me that you can still find Faro, the capital of the Algarve in a calm and bustling free state.

Faro Transportation

Faro Airport

The main reason for people to make a stop in Faro is because of the Faro airport, the only international airport in the Algarve. If you are looking for flights to Algarve, Faro airport shall be your first option, then maybe Sevilla or Lisbon.

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Faro Portugal Train station

No matter which town you are planning to visit in Algarve, Faro Train station should be pinned on your map because you’re gonna use it often(except for those who rent a car).

The handy website that you will be using to book your railway travel in Portugal will be CP – Comboios de Portugal.

📌One thing to note is that the trains in Algarve are impressively on time!!

Faro to Lisbon will take around 3 hours, and 0 transfer in between is possible.

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Faro Taxi

🎉Hope you are as relieved as me, both Uber and Bolt work in Faro, Portugal! (weirdly saying, many times Uber appears to be cheaper than bolt because usually its the opposite)

Things to do in Faro Portugal

Pousada Palacio de Estoi


First place I went after arriving to the Faro Train station is this five star hotel Pousada Palácio de Estoi run by the Pestana group. This estate was restored from a 19th century palace with a french garden.

When I first found this place on Instagram, I thought: too sad I have to skip it because I am not staying with them overnight, but guess what! The lower part which I was standing is opened to the public, free to visit!

Palacio de Estoi is a combination of Neoclassical, Rococo and Art Nouveau. I won’t stop you if you’re thinking about staying a memorable night in a palace. Check out the latest price here.

Remember to visit the Lower part of the Garden👇🏻

🚍How to get to Pousada Palacio de Estoi

By Uber/Bolt it will cost you around €10-14 from the Faro train station

By bus you can take the Bus line 65 which starts from the Faro bus Terminal and makes a stop at Estói (Cemitério). The bus schedule on Google map seems to be pretty accurate when I was there, but before getting on the bus back to Faro city, remember to ask the driver whether it goes to the Faro train station, I almost went on one line 65 and the bus driver told me that I had to get the next one.

Quick glance of Estoi Town

Back to Faro old town

Arco da Vila

If planning to visit the Faro old town, Arco da Vila is a good place to start.

Arco da Vila was built in the 19th century by the Bishop of Algarve and designed by an Italian architect.

Inside this Arche, you will find an Arab Gate which dates back to the 11th century and was part of the ancient Muslim walls.

📍Google map

See the big nests there?
One fun fact about Portugal is that Storks are protected under decree law, which means that it is illegal to disturb the birds or its big nests. So don’t be surprised to see impressive amount of huge nests on roofs or transmission towers.

Igreja de Santa Maria

Igreja de Santa Maria faro Portugal

I highly recommend you give the main church of FaroIgreja de Santa Maria a visit. The entrance ticket includes the cathedral, bone chapel, and bell tower.


During my visit, half of the cathedral is under serious maintenance, what to see inside the cathedral is pretty limited but still, the tiles and Pipe organ are impressive.

Panoramic view of Faro

The main reason that I come to Igreja de Santa Maria is for its bell tower. Let me show you the view.

Bone chapel

Igreja de Santa Maria Faro Bone chapel

What’s more, besides the panoramic view of Faro, Igreja de Santa Maria has a small bone chapel!

(I’ll reveal this secret first, the main reason why I come to Faro is for the Faro Bone chapel. Though this is not the one I planned for, but lets see it as a warm-up for the real one🤭)

The Faro Cathedral’s bone chapel can be dated from 1653-1664.

Igreja de Santa Maria Faro portugal
cute courtyard inside the Cathedral

🎫Entrance: €5

⏰Feb-Nov 10:00-18:30 (last admission 18:00)
Dec-Jan 10:00-18:00 (last admission 17:30)
Saturdays 09:30-16:00 | Sundays closed

📍Google map

After a while of getting lost in the narrow streets of Faro’s old town, head towards the Manuel Bivar Garden and have a look at…

Banco de Portugal Faro

This gorgeous building with Moorish-inspired elements was built around 1926, on site of a former market.

📍Google map

Igreja do Carmo, Faro

Thought I’m bringing you to “just another church”?Well, guess again😉

As I said earlier, the main reason that brought me to here is for the Faro bone chapel. It is hidden in this Carmo Church of Faro, which is outside the touristic part (Faro old town), 10 minutes walk from the Faro Train station.

Lets walk in and have a look!

Igreja do Carmo, Faro
Built between 1713 and 1719, in Igreja do Carmo you can find Portuguese signature Gilded woodcarving

🎫Entrance: €2

⏰Winter Weekdays 09:00-13:00, 15:00–17:00
Summer Weekdays 09:00-18:00
Saturdays 09:00-13:00

📍Google map

Capela dos Ossos Faro| Faro bone chapel

Here comes the highlight of your trip to Faro Portugal! The Bone Chapel in Faro-Capela dos Ossos !!!

This Faro bone chapel is located inside the Carmo church of Faro. After entering the main church, just go deeper and follow this sign👈🏻

You will first enter this room(looks super cute🤭as if I’m entering some local’s house). Look at the wooden ceiling above😍

Then you’ll enter a courtyard with the Faro bone chapel.

This bone chapel is a consist of more than 1000 skeletons, unearthed from the cemeteries in Faro.

What makes it stands out from other bone chapels is that the skeletons are not just from anybody, but from monks who once served this igreja do Carmo.

🎫Entrance: included in the Carmo church entrance

⏰ Mon-Fri 10:00–13:00, 15:00–17:30
Saturdays 10:00–13:00
Sundays closed

Frequent Q&A

Is faro worth visiting

My answer is yes! It actually exceeded my expectation. Not little interesting sites to discover, bustling free(though it was during November) and the old town vibe is still there!

If you’re planning day trips when in Algarve, Faro is worth a short stop😉

Is Faro good for a holiday?

It definitely is. Visiting Faro in Portugal means that you have the whole Algarve to explore! Trains go pretty frequent between towns in the Algarve, you can kill all the birds with one stone😉

Is Lisbon or Faro better?

Haha, that’s a tricky one. It definitely depends on which type of tourism you would prefer and whether it’s your first time in Portugal!

If it’s your first time in Portugal, then I definitely recommend you to do Lisbon and Porto for your first trip. If it’s not your first time, then depends on whether you want a deeper travel or to explore something new😉

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Is faro, Portugal safe?

Trust me, Portugal is one of the safest and friendliest countries in Europe(but of course basic vigilant shall be applied😌). My time in Algarve doing day trips solo, I felt completely safe and nothing unusual was around.

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