[Taiwan, Kenting] Fatchun Cafe-exotic vibe in the South of Taiwan

Kenting is a destination where many Taiwanese go Every summer, and this year, I would recommend you to go to Fatchun Cafe if you are in Kenting.

It is funny that every year many Taiwanese come and visit the exact same place, the same Kenting street, the same beach, the same sunset…but we aren’t tired of it! Kenting has something, that attracts us to visit her…every year.
After one of my best friends moved here, Kenting started to has more to offer other than Kenting main street (but still, I LOVE the Kenting main street). My Kenting itinerary list grows longer and longer the more she stays. Fatchun Cafe is on my Kenting itinerary list, and to tell you the truth it became a hot “Kenting tourist spot” for this👇🏻Bougainvillea. I’m going to dive a bit deeper into what you must order here!


So, here I am

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The first thing we saw before we enter was  2 people sitting on the grass chatting and enjoying the sun. Suddenly I remembered: oh right, we are in Kenting! Kenting where people love the sea and enjoy the sun!

Fatchun Cafe Ambience

kenting taiwan must visitRight next to the entrance you will see a historic Chinese Medicine cupboard. It belongs to one of the owner’s grandpa who used to run a Chinese Medicine shop.

kenting must visit fatchun cafe

kenting must eat fatchun cafe

Seatingkenting taiwan recommendation

fatchun cafe kenting taiwan must visit

Fatchun cafe has indoor and outdoor areas for your preference. The indoor is a bit too dim so we chose to sit outdoor. The feeling was just like sitting in your friend’s countryside house surrounded by greeneries!

Fatchun cafe Food

肥春號menuVegetarian Gyros

Firstly, I have to clarify that I didn’t save the other half of this Gyros from my boyfriend. Their Gyros is just so attractive to him that he can’t wait for me to take a photo🤷🏻‍♀️ But what you get will be double portion as this picture👆🏻. My boyfriend loves their Gyros but I love my Flatbread 👇🏻 better

肥春號素薄餅Vegetarian flatbread

I know my flatbread seems quite simple, but trust me! It Isn’t!!!
Before this trip, the first time my friend had a bite of this Vegetarian flatbread, the thing she did right afterward was to text me:” I’m gonna bring you here when you come, their Vegetarian flatbread is Sooooo Good!!!! Normally, if you are not a vegetarian, I believe you will not go for vegetarian options when there are other choices, but luckily, once a friend of hers ordered, so she gave it a try and discovered this secret!

I think the trick of this flatbread is their sauce. Usually, when I have the option to choose to add sauce or not I always prefer not to. I always prefer food’s original flavor. Their White sesame sauce tastes a bit sweet, and the sesame scent is not so strong which is perfect! They put cheese, mushroom, zucchini & onion in the flatbread with the right amount. The cheese blends everything together and especially when you are eating the ingredients don’t fall off (you know how annoying it is! Everything falling apart while you’re eating🤷‍♀️). The combination of this cheesy flatbread with sesame sauce was just 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Fatchun cafe Desserts

must eat in kenting 肥春號menuCinnamon Roll

A very cinnamony cinnamon roll
I’m sorry🤷🏻‍♀️ my heart and soul are taken by this Honey toast below👇🏻

肥春號menuHoney Toast(this is a Must Order in Fatchun cafe!!!)

Honey toast was a hit in Taiwan a few years ago, many cafes have it but not all know how to make it perfect. They often make it Too Sweet that you can’t even finish it or they are too filling that it is preferable to be eaten with an empty stomach.
But I can guarantee you that here in Fatchun cafe, none of the above will happen.
👆🏻It is smaller than the normal portion, but it’s because I don’t see them using bread crusts. That’s the hardest and the most filling part.
We divided their Honey Toast into 3 and all of us had a main course before, we don’t fill full but it’s like “the right amount”
✌🏻They use the white part of the toast and it was very very crispy, adding some ice cream on top~it tastes wonderful!!

Fatchun Cafe Beverage

墾丁咖啡 肥春號手沖

Their coffee is highly recommended on the internet, my boyfriend had Kenya and he loved it too.


If you are willing to try some local Taiwanese beer, you can find them here in Fatchun cafe also! I had Cucumber Sour beer, Sour beer…my first try. I can only tell you…It’s Really sour🥴

Fatchun cafe menu
Website: Link
Time: weekdays:11:00~18:30
Google map

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About transportation in Kenting


Kenting Taxi recommendation

Before going to Kenting, I asked my friend if they have uber in Kenting, she told me no. Even hiring a taxi on the street is hard. Okay, so I didn’t believe her until I am literally here…Trust me…Literally no Uber!!! I even tried to download our local most widespread taxi app “55688”. Nothing…not a single car around.

But luckily, I found this app: Find taxi (Download here)
The driver I got was very friendly (btw he speaks English also). So I immediately booked my trip with him for the next day also! Below is his business card, you can also hire him for Kaohsiung to Kenting Taxi trip & Kenting taxi tour!

kenting taxi

How to go to Kenting from Taipei
Taiwan High-speed Rail:

This is the most common method we use, the fastest but pricier. The minus is that the terminal station of HSR is Kaohsiung-Zuoying, you will have to take another vehicle to get to Kenting. If you are staying at Hotels like Caesar Park Hotel (my family used to stay there annually), Chateau Beach Resort…etc they offer shuttles from Kaohsiung-Zuoying HSR to their property(might have to book the service in advance).

Click here for more Hotels that offer shuttle service
Get discounted High speed rail ticket


How to get from Kaohsiung to Kenting

It takes approximately 2 hours from Kaohsiung Zuoying to Kenting, you can book the taxi 👆🏻I recommended or via Kenting express bus (Link here)

I hope you enjoyed this post and Kenting as well~See you next time


Rent a car for Kenting

You can easily rent a car with Easyrent. This is also a company my family uses ourselves. You can book your car in advance on their website and pick it up at the high-speed rail station. They have service points at the major HSR stations.

Things to do in Kenting


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