[Mexico city] Hotel recommendation-InterContinental Presidente

If like us, you’re traveling a longggg way to Mexico, the first piece of advice I would give you is to book an extremely comfortable hotel for the first day of your arrival.
My boyfriend can’t thank me more for choosing the InterContinental Presidente Hotel among Mexico city hotels for our first night in CDMX.

Exhausted as we were, after 22 hours on the plane the big comfy bed in InterContinental Presidente Hotel was definitely what we deserved.

View from InterContinental Presidente Hotel mexico city

Mexico City Neighborhood

If you are not sure where to live in Mexico City, Polanco won’t go wrong-which is where InterContinental Presidente Hotel is located.

I believe if you have done some homework about the best areas to stay in Mexico City you must have come across La Condesa or La Roma and Polanco, which seems to be where the “richer ones” live.

All 3 neighborhoods are totally foreigner-friendly, La Roma and La Condesa are way tooooo dog friendly in my opinion. In comparison, Polanco has fewer barkings and 💩 on the street.

Of course, Polanco seems to be a more high-end option, but compared to Las Lomas and Santa Fe, it pales in comparison. Polanco is more tourist-friendly and you can easily go shopping and dine in restaurants. Or simply sit on the bench in parks enjoying street performances.

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(Sim card/ Money exchange/ FMM form…)
InterContinental Presidente mexico city

Check-in/ Lobby

During covid:
They have an automatic temperature scanning machine in which you can see how “hot” you are while entering.

Everything during our check-in went smoothly, we can choose if we want to pay in cash or by credit card.

InterContinental Presidente mexico city



mexico city hotel recommendation


mexico city hotel recommendation
InterContinental Presidente mexico city


INTERCONTINENTAL PRESIDENTE HOTEL also has a gym. If not because of the tiredness I would definitely give it a visit!

mexico city hotel recommendation

Hotel IntercontinentalBreakfast

InterContinental Presidente 墨西哥城飯店

We paid extra for a breakfast included option which I believe costs around 30 dollars.

You get coffee, juice, and a guy with a bread tray with a selection for you to choose from.
For the main course, I chose Chilaquiles with a mixed sauce and an extra egg which is a typical Mexican breakfast. 🤫Saved us from wandering with hunger outside to make our first hunt on our first morning in this undiscovered city.

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InterContinental Presidente 墨西哥城飯店


Cozy sized room with everything you need, also a small refrigerator.

One thing to note is that the blinds they had are super useful and effective! The room was completely sun proofed in the morning.

InterContinental Presidente 墨西哥城飯店

What we Love

What we praised about the room the most is its Super comfortable and solid Bed, and also its quietness We didn’t hear any neighbor or room closing/ cleaning noise.
(Keep in mind that it might be because of their covid policy, separating customers.)


Since we had breakfast in the hotel with coffee we didn’t use this capsule coffee machine.

The only minus I can think of is that when we first arrived at the room I didn’t find any bottled water, but I called the front desk and they quickly brought 2 bottles to us.

safe / slipper*1/ bathrobe*1

InterContinental Presidente 墨西哥城飯店

View from Hotel InterContinental Mexico city

We booked the King Room with City View in InterContinental Presidente Hotel.
We were put on the 32nd floor, and see the view we had!
It’s a pity that we were too tired the previous night so we went directly to bed and didn’t get to see the city lights.

mexico city hotel recommendation

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