[Ireland] Cork-Best Brownie ever Founded

While planning your travel, the first thing you search for might be the attractions, and what’s the 2nd? 

For me, food!  As a vegetarian and dessertarian, while my friends are searching for typical local dishes,  I’m searching  for  best  sweets  and  cafes  around.  So when it comes to O’ Conaill  chocolate  shop-widely credited as having the best chocolate in Ireland, that means nobody can stop me from going there. 



食物!身為一位素食者與嗜甜者,當我的朋友在尋找道地美食的時候我則在尋找有特色的咖啡廳或甜點。所以當我知道這家O’ Conaill  chocolate  shop被評比為擁有全愛爾蘭最好吃的巧克力的時候-那就代表了我說什麼也不會錯過它。

What is special about their hot chocolate is that they were brewed from  chocolate flakes instead of  chocolate powder, which you can see while they were making it in front of you. From their menu, you can find a category called O’ Conaill’s special, if you prefer sweeter hot chocolates you can try these ones  which  they mix  hazelnut in.   


他們特別的地方在於他們的熱巧克力是用巧克力碎片沖泡而成,非普通的巧克力粉。菜單上你可以看到有一個類別叫O’ Conaill’s special,如果你喜歡甜一點的人就可以點這區,是另外加了榛果的,比較甜

For drinks we had their Milk&White hot chocolate  and  Milk&Dark hot chocolate. The Milk&White is sweeter, but both  of  their sweetness  are  acceptable, and they will be accompanied with some chocolate chips by the side.


飲料的部分我們點了Milk&White hot chocolate及Milk&Dark hot chocolate。白巧克力會甜一點,但是2杯的甜度都是可以接受的,而旁邊會附上巧克力豆。

When it comes  to chocolate  beverages, the most  important thing  is that after the  whole cup  you should  still be satisfied  by the  sweetness and  not sick of it, O’ Conaill make sure of this!  After  the  first  sip, 3  of your  sense s will be  satisfied, your eyes, nose and  taste. The scent of the chocolate will be overwhelmed in your nose and tongue, if you put your face close enough to the cup, your eyes as well! The combination of the milk  and chocolate  is  the  perfect amount which you can  taste  both of them and  they  won’t  steal  the  scent  of  each other.  


巧克力飲品最重要的一點是你在喝完整杯的時候,它不能讓你有太甜,甚至有點膩的感覺,而O’ Conaill確保了這不會在它們的飲品中發生。第一口之後,我會說你的3個感官都得到滿足了-眼,口,鼻。巧克力的香味會充斥在你的鼻腔與嘴裡,而當你把臉貼近杯子的時候,眼睛也是囉!他們把牛奶和巧克力的比例調配得剛剛好,牛奶和巧克力的香味都很濃郁而不會搶過彼此的味道

Here comes the  highlight-Brownie!  I can promise you that this is the best brownie I have ever tasted in my entire life! At the counter I was struggling if I should get the cake or the brownie (because the cake seems fancier), luckily brownie won at last.



The cake that almost drew my attention away from Brownie

(The cakes that almost got me!)

The brownie will be heated before serving, from the pictures you can tell that the inside of the brownie is wet which makes it tastes similar to chocolate fondant, and the outer of the brownie is crunchy. So this brownie’s texture is the combination of soft melted and crunchy, what can I expect more for a brownie! If you think this brownie is too sweet for you, with the cream aside makes the sweetness taste less. 



If you are like me, so in love with their chocolate, they sell chocolate also  next to the counter. You can find chocolate chips for baking  (which they served with your hot chocolate),  chocolate flakes chocolate spoons (make your own hot chocolate) and chocolate bars of course which has a variation of percentage. 



If you got the chance to visit Cork but did not visit this amazing chocolate place, you will regret it. If you visited this place but didn’t try their brownie, I will say you  just said bye to the taste of heaven.

Enjoy! And let me know if you love this place as much as I do.


我的結論是: 如果你有機會來到Cork卻沒來這個巧克力天堂你一定會後悔,如果你來這裡了卻沒點它們的布朗尼,你則跟天堂般的滋味擦身而過了。


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