[Ireland] My Top Ice-cream places in Dublin

When it comes to summer, what appears in your mind? 


Although some say that there is no summer in Ireland, but, you have to get used to the weather and enjoy ice-cream! 

Today I’m going to share my top 3 ice-cream places in Dublin! 






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1. Murphy’s 

I tried their Dreamy Creamy Caramel and I can assure you that they are so far the best Ice Cream I have ever tasted. As a girl who’s always on diet, I always ask to not have extra sauce on what I eat, but this time I’m glad that I decided to give it a try, it tastes like heaven! Trust me. Except for the caramel ice-cream itself they mix toffee topping inside which I absolutely love, with additional cream/mousse on it which is not sweet but a balance with the ice cream itself.  Also if you would like to have some additional cream or toppings feel free to ask them without extra charge.

If you’re visiting Ireland, it will be too sad if you miss this! 

(If you don’t get the time to visit Murphy’s in Dublin, no worries, they have it also in other cities!)


嘗過他們的特殊口味Dreamy Creamy Caramel以後我可以跟你們保證這是我吃過最好吃的冰淇淋!對於永遠再減肥的女子來說我每次吃東西一定會叫店員不要再額外加醬或奶油,而我很慶幸這次我沒有這麼要求,相信我,我嚐到了不屬於人間的冰淇淋! 除了焦糖冰淇淋為基底,裡面更添加了有嚼勁的太妃topping,上面在淋上幕斯般的奶油,不會太甜反而與冰淇淋融合讓焦糖不那麼甜。除此之外, 如果你想在你的冰淇淋上再多加鮮奶油或topping的話都是不用額外加價的!





2. Bel gelato 

I passed this ice cream place when I went to Dalkey for picnic. This place caught my attention with so many people queuing, I thought it was because it’s the only gelato place in this cute little town. After having a scoop of their salted butter caramel, the only thought that came in my mind was: can you please open another shop in Dublin city! The flavor of caramel was so rich and not too sweet, and the salty flavor was just the perfect amount for you to taste it and not stealing the taste of caramel, but enhancing it. If youre thinking about a little escape from dublin city center, Dalkey will be the perfect destination. 


在一次Dalkey野餐行我們經過了這家有著長長人龍的店,原本以為只是因為這是這個小鎮唯一的冰淇淋店,但是吃了一口他們的salted butter caramel以後 ,腦海浮現的第一個念頭是:拜託在市中心開一家分店!!它們的焦糖味非常的濃郁而不甜,而鹽巴量拿捏的高好讓你吃得出鹹味而不會搶了焦糖的風頭,反而把焦糖襯托得更完美。如果你想暫時逃離熱鬧的市中心Dalkey絕對是個不錯的選擇。

3. Gino’s 

If you are in Ireland, you will be familiar with this one. They are everywhere, and luckily, they’re pretty good! If you’re a pistachio lover like my friend, she will guarantee you that Gino’s pistachio ice cream will not disappoint you. What’s more, if you’re a crepes lover like me, you’ll be glad to find them here as well! 


如果你也在愛爾蘭的話這個地方你一定不陌生,幾乎每個地方都看的到這個品牌,而幸運的是它們還不錯呢! 如果你也跟我朋友一樣是開心果愛好者的話,他可以跟你打包票Gino’s的開心果口味冰淇淋不會讓你失望。除此之外,如果你跟我一樣是法式可麗餅的愛好者的話,相信你也會很感動你在這裡也找的到!


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