[Taipei Laptop friendly cafe] Vintage Cafe Truffles living/ 3訪真的很舒服的舒服生活

I am so excited to share this place-Truffles Living with you because the vibe of this vintage cafe is everything you can expect! Imagine yourself sitting on antique furniture(literally surrounded) with your laptop beside and a drink in your hand. How does that sound? Excited already? What’s more, if you are thinking about buying some antique decors for your personal space, everything you see here is buy-able!




This CafeTruffles Living is called 舒服生活,, which means comfortable life. See, how can you not be comfortable here? Especially the sofa which I hope i can bring home (well, maybe not just the sofa…also the disco ball hanging right in the middle).


Can you imagine that this place was reconstructed from an abandoned schoolhouse? And all the furniture around you are real antiques collected mostly from Europe (yep you’re sitting on some old and expensively fancy sofa). As you might expect, yes I have sooooo many pocket lists for cafes in Taiwan (besides our food, we should be famous for our coffee shop also), so if there is a cafe which I am willing to give 2nd visit instead of visiting a new one within a month, yes, there must be something about it.


My first visit here I tried their Rose & Sea Salt Latte, I have to say it is way saltier than I expected, haha (you can order rose flavor solely). 2nd time I had their Toffee nut latte, nice with rich toffee scent. What I would recommend, is their Drunk Cow, it easily catches our eye when checking the menu. It is coffee latte with whiskey and brown sugar. Personally I’m not a fan of the coffee whiskey combination (thanks to Irish coffee), but Drunk Cow overturned this, it tastes unexpectedly good!


Toffee Nut Latte太妃拿鐵

Drunk cow喝醉的牛

With certain amount of whiskey in this “Cow” which is well combined with coffee and milk. I will definitely have this in my next visit when I feel like sneaking some alcohol in the daytime. (Although I only tried their coffee, but I believe their savories are worth a try also, they smell soooo good while they are cooking.)



三訪 Third visit

After this post so many friends asked me about this cafe, so here I am again! And this time, I finally ordered their cake which have been waving at me since the first time I came. So here’s the feast we had, aren’t they adorable

So we had:

Red Oolong  & Calendula Chiffon (left)

Cherry Blossom & Strawberry Tiramisu (right)

Matcha Latte

文章發表以後許多朋友也都對這家咖啡廳興致勃勃, 所以我又來啦! 而且這次,我終於點了我從第一次來就在肖想的蛋糕~

這次點了: 雪紡紅烏龍金盞花戚風(左)



Decorative Chiffon cake

Chiffon: As I am not too sensitive with taste, so I can’t really say that there’s the special scent from Oolong or Calendula, but as you can tell it’s totally instagrammable and you can never go wrong with a cake!

戚風: 對於味覺不是神一般靈敏的我來說,無法跟你講他們的戚風散發著烏龍香氣或是金針花口感,但是顯而易見的,這是一份非常養眼的甜點。

Tiramisu: If your standards are higher, then go for this one. It’s not too sweet and with a little sourness from strawberry. And from picture you can see the details, they have my favorite pearl-like chocolate inside!

提拉米蘇: 如果你的要求比較高一點那我就會推薦你點這個了。不會太甜還帶一點草莓的酸味,從照片中也可以看到裡面還有我最愛的珍珠巧克力!

Matcha Latte: Most Matcha Latte I saw are just Matcha with milk, but their Matcha Latte are with coffee. I’m not a Matcha lover and I had some bad experiences with Matcha drinks (when the Matcha flavor tastes way too much and bitter), but this visit idk why I just decided to give it a try. So after my experiment, I am glad to tell all non-Matcha lovers (at least you don’t hate matcha), the Matcha Latte here is safe to try.  The matcha scent tastes pleasant, not too overwhelming or bitter.

抹茶拿鐵: 大部分市面上看到的抹茶拿鐵都是抹茶加牛奶, 他們的含有咖啡喔。我不是抹茶粉絲也有過幾次採到抹茶雷的經驗(超苦或是味道太重),這次也不知怎麼的就是想試試它們的抹茶拿鐵。在這裡可以跟如果也不是抹茶粉的你們說(至少不討厭抹茶啦),這裡的抹茶拿鐵值得一試喔,跟牛奶融合得很順抹茶味不會太重或太苦。

Or, if you feel like having alcohol solely, no problem they got it also. So, Truffles living is not just for coffee, but also if you’re looking for a place for adult beverages but consider bars too loud, good news is that they are opened till midnight.

Tap for menu


Besides for food and drinks and furniture buying, if you’re looking for a place to hold your exhibition or for photo shoot, contact them directly!



Website: http://www.trufflesliving.com/

Facebook: https://zh-tw.facebook.com/TrufflesLiving/

Tel: 02 2708 8961

Opening hours: 11:30~12:00



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