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Thinking about things to do in Lisbon? Who’s a big fan of markets? Welcome to the Party!! I’m not just a big fan of supermarkets (I’m not the only one right?) but also all kinds of marketplace!!! Here I’m going to share 10 Markets in Lisbon Portugal that you can visit (Time out market included duh🤭)

feria da ladra lisbon markets里斯本市集
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Feira da Ladra| 2nd hand, Antique& Handicraft

lisbon markets里斯本市集

Feira da Ladra which means “thieves market” in English. This is the oldest and biggest flea market in Lisbon, definitely, a must-visit for flea market fans.

From clothing to car plates, preloved antiques to handicrafts, you can pretty much find everything here.

Mercado de Santa Clara 里斯本市集

Mercado de Santa Clara| Antique market

I think it’s considered as part of the Feira da Ladra. Located in this building 👆🏻right next to the thieves market which is easy to miss.

lisbon markets里斯本市集

lisbon markets lx factory

LXMarket| Handicraft

I think it’s pretty inevitable to not go to LX Factory. I personally loved it very much, you can feel the young lively hipster vibe in the air😂.

Even not during their Sunday market fair, you can still find plenty of handicraft stores to shop or restaurants to dine in. Moreover, the famous Lisbon bookstore Livraria Ler Devagar is here.

Shop on their website before you go

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portas do sol lisbon markets里斯本市集

Portas do Sol market| Handicraft & 2nd hand

Located right next to the viewpoint Portas do Sol, a great place to spend some time, sit for a while and enjoy the view.

lisbon market belem tower

Belem Tower Market

This market is around 15 minutes walk from the Belem tower. I passed it on my way to the obligatory tourist destination while the vendors were about to close. Check it out if you have the chance!

Praça Comércio Artisan 里斯本市集

Praça Comércio Artisan Market| Handicraft

Located in the hall of Praça do Comércio, if you are looking for some unique handicrafts, here is definitely the place for you!

lisbon markets里斯本市集

里斯本市集 Feira D'Ávila

Feria D’Ávila| Food & handicraft

  • Every Thursday & Friday 09:00-19:00
  • Location: Avenida Duque de Ávila
  • 📍Google map

This one is a bit out of the tourist radar. You can find food, clothing, and handicrafts…etc. Located on Duque de Ávila road, spacious and without too many people unlike other Lisbon markets.

Feira do Príncipe Real Lisbon marketplace

Feira do Príncipe Real| Antique & handicraft

Some said that this is one of the most popular antique fairs in Lisbon. From the fact that it was held only 2 a month, you can tell how unique it is🤭You can find old tiles, chandeliers, vintage bags…etc.

Feira de Produtos Biológicos| farmer’s market

Who doesn’t love farmer’s markets!! Every Saturday you can find this Lisbon farmer’s market next to the Príncipe Real garden. Happy fresh food hunting!!

Mercado da Ribeira lisbon market

Time out market/ Mercado da Ribeira| Traditional market, food court & handicrafts

  • Food court: Sun-Thurs:10:00-00:00/ Fri & Sat: 10:00-01:00
  • Traditional market: Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00
  • 📍Google map

Talking about Market in Lisbon Portugal, how can you not mention Time out market! Although it’s 100% touristic, actually today at Time out market Lisbon you can find another half as Mercado da Ribeira which is a traditional market that exists since 1882.

Besides the traditional market which runs from 08:00-18:00 on weekdays and the food court which opens from 10 am till late at night every day, there are also vendors selling handicrafts in the hallway of Time out.

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To sum it up

Lisbon Flea market days

Unlike in many other cities that you can only find market fairs on the weekends, in Lisbon, you can easily encounter marketplaces scattering around the city even on weekdays. For example, Time out market and LXFactory are the ones that you can always find some movements.

Lisbon Flea market Tuesday
  • Feira da Ladra/ Thieves market| 📍map
  • Mercado de Santa Clara| 📍map
  • Belem tower market| 📍map
  • Time out market| 📍map
  • LX Factory| 📍map
Lisbon Flea market Saturday
  • Feira da Ladra/ Thieves market| 📍map
  • Mercado de Santa Clara| 📍map
  • Portas do Sol market| 📍map
  • Praça Comércio Artisan Market| 📍map
  • Feira de Produtos Biológicos
  • Belem tower market| 📍map
  • Time out market| 📍map
  • LX Factory| 📍map
Lisbon Flea market Sunday
  • Praça Comércio Artisan Market| 📍map
  • Belem tower market| 📍map
  • Time out market| 📍map
  • LX Market| 📍map
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