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By reading the statistics report of Mexico, it might be the last country you will want to visit during the Covid times. By its record of 3rd highest death rate for Covid in the World… But is it really that scary to visit Mexico right now? Let me tell you the truth from my experience, how you can measure every Mexican state’s covid situation and what precautions against Covid-19 Mexico is taking.

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Looking at the death rate in Mexico, we also have to consider the fact that far before Covid, Mexico has one of the highest obesity and diabetes rate. And those with diabetes are in the High-risk group of Covid-19.

📌Note: This post is not to encourage anyone to travel during the pandemic. It is for those who might need to come to Mexico for work purposes or “relationship purposes” (like us). I hope to provide you the most authentic information.

📌Quarantine is not obligatory to arrive in Mexico.
📌You don’t need PCR for entering Mexico.
📌Before getting on the flight you will be asked to fill out an online health form which you will find the link attached in the Email when you book your air ticket(both domestic flights and international flights are required to fill out the form).
Remember to fill it out before taking your flight, you will be asked for it. (We saw many people stuck at the security check line because they have to fill in the health form right at the moment. So…save yourself some trouble and fill it out beforehand.)
📌To leave the country we were also asked to fill out another online form, fill it out beforehand to make your boarding smoother! Link

mexico city covid timesAlthough this mariachi group wasn’t wearing their masks properly, we had that safe distance😉

Are people wearing Masks in Mexico?

Yes. I would say almost 90% of the people in the city wear masks(Mexico city and Oaxaca city center). But in the little towns…not that much. Especially for those beach towns.

We got arrested for not wearing a face mask in Puerto Escondido!


Mexico city Covid restrictions

  • Before entering any shops or restaurants, they will measure your temperature and put antibacterial gels on your hand.
  • In Mexico City, before entering shops you will have to scan a QR code and fill in your name and mobile. (Not sure what they are for, but actually shops today don’t demand you to do that, because it only causes people stuck at their door entrance.)
  • Limited amount of people in shops and restaurants

Oaxaca city Covid restrictions

  • Before entering any shops or restaurants, they will measure your temperature, put antibacterial gels on your hand, and some restaurants will “antibacterial youcompletely.
  • Limited amount of people in shops and restaurants


  • If you are traveling by car to visit some surrounded towns, you might find stands like this👆🏻. You have to get out of the car and they will give you some more antibacterial gel and sanitize your car(the floors).

Mexico’s Covid-19 Monitoring System-Semaforo

They use the color-coded mechanism to measure every state’s situation: Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green. They are updated every two weeks.

Red light: All unnecessary shops closed including malls. Restaurants only for takeaway. Parks will be opened but closed earlier.
Orange light: Restaurants and gym opened up to 30%,  public spaces opened to a limited number of ppl.
Yellow light: Open-air public spaces fully opened, indoor public spaces opened to a limited number of ppl.
Green light: Resume all activities including school but with precaution.

Mexico's latest coronavirus information 
Mexico Corona Virus map

I’ve been through both Red light and Orange light times for Coronavirus in Mexico city, I can share my experience with you.

Mexico city during Coronavirus Lockdown (Red light)

  • All restaurants are closed only for takeaway
  • DHL/FedEx opened
  • Supermarkets are opened as usual but some time restrictions for buying alcohol.

mexico city lockdown

  • Lol, Window shopping available👆🏻

Although shops are all closed, you can still find some with clerks inside. You can go to their website to see what you want and show it to them, the deal will be completed outside of the shop.

  • No restrictions for going out, parks opened, you are free to exercise!

Mexico city during Orange light

  • Restaurants opened but with limited people. Many of the waitresses wear double protections! One mask for the mouth and another layer of transparent plastic mask in front of the face.
  • Gyms are opened partially as well, cardio section closed. In some of the gyms, you have to book your exercise time. (or some just don’t even open)
  • Language schools opened till 12 noon.

Sincerely saying, except for the red lockdown times, I am 100% grateful that I am able to live normally in Mexico. No restrictions for going on the street, you can enjoy some local taco and the parks are completely opened.
If there’s something more you would like to know, feel free to leave a message😉

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