[Mexico] Mexico city Safety-Is CDMX safe to travel for foreigners?

Idk if you are like me, whenever you tell someone that you are planning to travel to Mexico, their first reaction would be: 😱Omg, is it safe?
After living in Mexico City for 6 months, I am here to answer you:
Is Mexico city Safe or not for foreigners to travel.

So if you yourself are having this concern (or in case you have someone whom you need to persuade🤭), stick along and let me tell you.

墨西哥城 治安

The amount of police everywhere in Mexico city

On our first night in Mexico City, we chose to live in an area which we were sure would be 99% safe-Polanco(click me to see hotel recommendation), so the first day we were hanging out around Polanco and we were soooo shocked by the amount of police on the street!
You can see trucks like above👆🏻 with at least 4 policemen equipped with long guns, and you don’t just see one of them, but many of them! Aren’t we in one of the safest areas in Mexico City? Anyway, after a few days, we got used to it. Polices are just EVERYWHERE, and long guns are just their standard equipment.

If you are planning to live in Condesa, sometimes in the middle of the night you will hear the police siren singing for a few seconds (it bothers some ppl😅), according to others, it means: we are working!🚨

However, don’t be like: oh~there are many police around, I am safe!
According to the Facebook group, some people had bad experiences with Mexican police…so…I’ll say just keep your profile low. (See how we got arrested for not wearing a mask)

We lived in Condesa for 3 months and Polanco for 3 months, nothing bad had happened.

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mexico city safetyDo you see the amount of police at the corner?

mexico city safety

Where not to go in Mexico city

I believe if you ask anyone, they will all tell you: Don’t go to Tepito.
Moreover, since Tepito is close to the historic part of Mexico city-Zocalo, the vibe in Zocalo is already TOTALLY different from where “foreigners” hang out(Roma, Condesa, Polanco).

It’s more noisy, crowded, the feeling that you have to be cautious every moment(because it’s Very crowded)…., so we ourselves don’t really go there.

Don’t get me wrong though; I believe in the day it is totally fine to be in Zocalo as long as you “behave normally”. It’s my Mexican teacher’s favorite part of the city.

Since there is a pretty famous 
Tianguis(open-air market) located in Tepito,
many foreigners went there and said 
it was fine to visit.

mexico city safety

Is Mexico city Safe or not

To sum it up, it’s pretty safe to be in Mexico city as long as you are cautious with your surroundings. Especially if you will be living in “the foreigner’s area”(Roma, Condesa, Polanco) you don’t even get a hint that you are in Mexico(except if you spot a taco stand or shoeshine service of course)!

墨西哥城 治安

Unpleasant experience in Mexico city

The only unpleasant experience I have in mind for Mexico is that vendors treat you as “foreigners”. They tried to charge us double in 2 places so far(not mentioning the Tianguis🙄).

The first time was in a coffee shop where we bought coffee beans, the other time was in a local small restaurant which they don’t have a POS machine so they calculated the bill by hand, and she accidentally calculated double the price! (Their food are good btw, but don’t think we’re going back)

Talking about the Tianguis(open-air market) some vendors just found our fruit heavier than it appears on the scale(my bf saw it with his own eyes🤷‍♀️)

Anyways, it’s not related to Mexico city’s safety, but just keep that in mind😉

Hope I persuaded someone for you or at least make you feel more positive about your trip! Feel free to ask me any question if you have some, or just simply a hello would be nice🙋🏻‍♀️

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