[ Moscow] ARTPLAY design and architecture center

If you also feel overwhelmed by the crowds in the Red Square of Moscow, let me recommend you to an artistic zone in the city-ARTPLAY!


What’s Artplay

The ARTPLAY Design Center is the first creative cluster in Moscow which started in 2003. At that time it wasn’t easy for those artists to build something like what you see today. Before being located here, an ex-air gauge factory, they were forced to change different locations, only until 2008 it was finally settled here.

莫斯科 景點 artplay莫斯科 文創園區 artplayartplay moscow

Why Artplay

Do you think Artplay is just a hipster area with vendors selling handicrafts? What if I tell you there are at least 4 academies here?  British Higher School of Art and DesignMoscow Film SchoolThe Scream School of Computer GraphicsMoscow Music schoolMoscow advanced communications school they are all here in this former air gauge factory! Can you imagine studying in those hipster buildings?! Moreover, you might have the opportunity to see the student’s exhibition.

(Check Artplay’s official website 4 more info)

moscow artplay design center

I was wondering…so what are we selling here…😂oops…just a fully stickered bench🤭

moscow artplay design center莫斯科冷門景點

Moscow Artplay visiting experience

We came here on a Saturday and we pay no entrance fee. The place is not packed but neither empty, as picture u may tell (during covid times). I heard that they have market fairs on weekends but as I said, it’s covid times so I don’t expect that.
If you are a big fan of creative arts and a bit hipster vibe, this would be the place for you. But if you are looking forward to flea markets…the majority of the shops here are illumination stores or some expensive brands

莫斯科 藝術 文創園區莫斯科 artplay

Besides buying lights…there are several cafes and food stops for you to stop by, so if you are looking for something unique in Moscow, it’s anyway a nice play to visit.

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