[Moscow] What to buy in Russian Supermarket «ВкусВилл»

Finally, it’s this time again~ It’s time for the supermarket!! After my previous posts about “Let’s see what Spaniards buy in Supermarkets“ & “My favorite goodies in Ireland“, I guess it’s not hard to tell that I am so in love with supermarkets.
So now~lets head to one of my favorite supermarkets in Moscow–ВкусВилл (Vksusvill).

What is ВкусВилл (Vksusvill), why ВкусВилл (Vksusvill)

What makes ВкусВилл (Vksusvill) stand out from other supermarkets in Moscow is that they offer fresh and healthy food with short shelf life, 95% of their product are local goods. Vksusvill also sells its own labeled product which you can’t find in other supermarkets.
I found that 90% of my photo storage with things I really liked from supermarkets they are mainly from Vksusvill, so that’s how I decided to start this post:  Must Tries in Vksusvill/ Presents to bring back home from Russia

Traditional Russian snacks in Vkusvill

[Медовик/ Russian Honey cake]


Russian honey cake is a “must try” when visiting Russia. Since the only place I encountered it was in Vksusvill, so I decided to give it a try. (I would say Vksusvill does a great job with ready-made desserts. They can only be stored for approx 4, 5 days and usually, they taste quite good!)
Tbh, I like Asian-style honey cake better (tap me to see how it looks), but still, it tastes pretty good, worth a try! (My Russian bf also gives it a 🙆🏼‍♂️ for the freshly made ones!)

Except for traditional type honey cake, they have another form also! If you like a more watery taste, pick this one👇(my bf & I likes it better than the original form)


Laptop friendly Cafe in Moscow with yummy Caramel Banana Tart
Interested? I know you do: tap here

[Торт «Чародейка»/ Cake «Enchantress»]

If you’re a chocolate fan like me, you must try this traditional “Enchantress cake” from the soviet times!! Because of its spongy form, this cake is very light and not oversweetened (like many chocolate cakes). My bf and I easily finished three-fourths of it in seconds!😋Highly recommended!


[картошкаRussian Brownie-Kartoshka]russian dessert

俄羅斯必吃 (The shape could be round also)

Actually, the translation of this dessert-Kartoshka means potato. So apparently, they call it Kartoshka because the shape looks like a potato!

what just happened: My bf asked me what I was doing
👩🏻Putting Kartoshka in my post
👦🏼yeah~?Okay then, let's eat kartoshka today
👩🏻(we just finished it yesterday night...)
so apparently, he means that bag of potato lying on the floor😅

I believe Kartoshka is many Russian’s childhood memory, even my bf who doesn’t like brownie eats it! He said it’s like a memory to him. But to warn you in advance, before eating, don’t think about it as a “regular brownie” that you eat nowadays~their beauty are in different ways🤣
Anyways~I totally recommend you to give it a try, I give it a thumbs up👍🏼

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[пастила яблочная/ apple marshmallow]

俄羅斯傳統甜點russian tradition snack

I knew this product from a Taiwanese program which foreigners came to introduce their country, a Russian girl brought this dessert and caught my attention! I haven’t tried this!
My bf found this пастила яблочная from this supermarket-Vkusvill. It looks quite different from the general ones you will find in other supermarkets. Click me to see how general ones look.
Bf said that the ones in Vkusvill taste not like the childhood ones, but an upgraded version! Now we always come back home with at least 2 packs of those. Moreover, it’s very low in calory because the ingredients are just Egg whites, sugar, and applesauce.


[ирис/ Toffee candy]


Firstly I have to tell you that I am NOT a big fan of toffee candies~they are toooo sweet for me.
And to tell you the truth, when my bf bought this back to me, I underestimated it😅It just seems…very sweet, very…simple.
But after my first bite, seriously I can finish the whole block at once myself! I love it! Especially if you accompany it with tea, they are a perfect match.


[Клюква в сахарной пудре с корицей/ Sugar-coated Cranberry]



This is the 2nd object that I underestimated😅😅Before I tried this, I remember some Russian girls presenting this to my Spanish teacher, this is also some kind of childhood memory to Russians I believe.
This is actually just cranberries with cinnamon & sugar-coating, but Vkusvill makes sure that they are fresh wild berries with a crunchy coating. When you bite through the coating, the inner part is fresh and a bit sour with cinnamon scent. I highly recommend it!
It can only be preserved for 30 days!

[Сырники творожныеRussian cottage cheese pancake]


First I have to say the above 👆 Cырники(Syrniki) is not from Vkusvill😅I’m just saying that they have it in Vkusvill also you can give it a try

When I first went to cafes in Moscow I see this roundish thing often, but since I have no idea what it is I never tried (that’s like survival kit no.1 right? Don’t try things you don’t know😅)
It was very mysterious to me to tell you the truth, but when I finally tried one day…hmmm, it’s…cheesecake. Yeah..just…cheesecake.

But of course, it tastes good (how can it be wrong, it’s cheesecake!), and it’s a traditional Russian thing which many ppl eat as breakfast (with Varenye and sour cream)

How you’ll find them in Vkusvill(the purple one is without sugar)

My personal favorites in Vkusvill

[Tomato Bread]


Did you think I made a Typo? Bread?
Lol~They really call this chips “little bread” in Russian.
I really love this little bread (you can find 2 of them on my shelf now🤭) because it is very low in calory and they are really tasty! A perfect substitution for unhealthy chips~totally guilty free when snacking🤭
(btw this little bread is dried instead of fried which makes it much healthier!)
They have many flavors, personally I like only this tomato one and the corn one below (I’ve also tried onion and garlic flavor but I can’t🤦‍♀️)



[Satsebeli sauce]

俄羅斯超市 喬治亞番茄醬

Satsebeli is a famous sauce of Georgian cuisine, I’d say it’s Georgian tomato sauce with garlic and red pepper🤭
Actually, in the beginning, I just wanted a regular tomato sauce to cook something from home, but after I tried this Satsebeli  I totally forgot what I wanted tomato sauce for and just buy it regularly cause it can pair with everything and it’s soooo tasty!


[Bio strawberry goat milk yougurt]


If you are a big fan of yogurts…this will be a Big present for you! You will finish the bottle in 1 sip!
When I asked my bf what this is, he especially mentioned that this is made from goat milk, which makes me a bit😨but I’m glad I gave it a try! There’s no unpleasant smell at all! (at least I can’t tell)
Now every time I go to Vkuslvill I especially check first if they have it in stock because they don’t have it all the time!


[Icelandic Skyr]


This Icelandic skyr caught my bf’s attention because he saw people selling this before while he was in NY, so when u see it in Moscow’s supermarket, of course you have to try and see what this Skyr is!
Our conclusion is: it’s Icelandic version of Greek yogurt😂 The creamy texture is in between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt. If greek yogurt is too creamy for you and regular ones are too watery…Skyr will be your best choice!! Its protein content is pretty high (Vegetarian’s out there?🙋🏻‍♀️) and I especially love their strawberry flavor!! Totally recommendable!!


[Panna cotta]

莫斯科必吃This is me and my Russian bf’s all-time favorite, we buy it literally every time when we see it in Vkusvill. (of course, the precondition is that you have to be a big fan of panna cotta.)
Bf likes the one with Mango/passion fruit topping better, and I like the original better. The milk scent is very rich👌👌big recommendation!

[Кекс Морковный/ Carrot cupcake]


To sum up: Buy if you love carrot cakes!!


[Десерт молочный «Наполеон»]

俄羅斯必吃This is our favorite recently which we just discovered lately. (Lol, yesterday he just bought 4 packages of this back again)
I believe you know Napoleon cake, this is another form of that cake but trust me, 150% much tastier! The creamy vanilla filing is just fantastic👌
(We also tried the regular form of Napoleon cake..lol it’s still half-finished in our fridge🤫)




My Russian bf actually doesn’t trust cheese products and Italian-style food in Russia, but he loves the tiramisu they made in Vkusvill! I like it also, but the only cons I can say is that…can’t they put more alcohol?


[Night in Bruges]

desserts in moscow vkusvill

If you are a chocolate fan~👆🏻👆🏻is for you


[Mont Blanc cake]

莫斯科 超市

It’s like cheesecake mixed with crunchy chocolate chips🤤It’s pretty rare to find it in the Vkusvill near me, so after I’ve tried it the first time I went to several different Vkusvill to buy it🤫it’s so good!
If you also like sweets with some crunchy texture~this is for you!


[Ice cream]


Talking about Russian icecream are you thinking about the one with a cow on it? Me too😂 But when talking about Russian icecream… My bf bought this back for me😅
Anyways they taste good also! My favorite ones are green tea with almond and Black currant (pic 2)


This might be a bit odd..but Girls out there🙋🏻‍♀️ highly recommend their pads!

I know that I’ve listed a lot👆🏻~keep in mind that this is not a random list of “what I’ve tried”.
Some products are 💣 and I just didn’t mention here, I’ll be happy to answer any question if you have any concerns 🙋🏻‍♀️

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I do~And I would love to know what’s your favorite goodies🤤
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