[Ireland] My Ireland’s Supermarket Shopping list/愛爾蘭超市必買

Where is your happy place while you’re in a foreign country? For people who know me…yasss-Supermarket! I am not exaggerating, but I can really stay at least 30 minutes inside a supermarket and still enjoy my shopping(and I visit at least 3 times a week).

After staying almost  3 months in Ireland,  I’d like to share the goodies I found in my happy place. 




Searching for what to do in Ireland?


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莫赫懸崖一日遊(都柏林出發)/Day trip to Cliffs of Moher from Dublin

These are the supermarkets where you can find the treats I recommend in Ireland.


Budget friendly ones/ 平價超市

1. Aldi2. Lidl3. SuperValu


High-End”  one/ 超市界貴婦

4. Marks & Spencer

Bon Appetit Brioche Loaf (Aldi) 

This product was suggested by a friend, and I can not thank her more for recommending me this amazing…sorry, it’s already in my mouth. 

There are 2 types, one is with chocolate chips and one is without, personally I will recommend the original one. Before eating, I will highly suggest you to put it in the toaster, you will know why~.  

Tips: Since this thing is really in great demand, it will be smarter to visit Aldi earlier in the day before they are sold out. 




小撇步: 由於這款吐司真的很熱門,若是想買要早一點光臨Aldi喔


Del-Rivo Kids smoothie (Aldi) 

I know I’m not a kid, but sometimes their food just seems tastier(and cuter)…Normally I don’t buy beverages from supermarkets, not even juice, but this smoothie is another story.

They are 100% from pure fruits without additional sugar(since they are supposed to be served to kids I believe they will make sure they are natural and healthy), I bought it out of curiosity, and it tastes surprisingly amazing! The texture is thick like the smoothies which contains ice cream, and they are all from natural ingredients!





Apple Turnover(Lidl) 

I used to think that the only place that you should buy breads are in bakeries, but after visiting the supermarkets here, this concept is totally overturned. I used to not like apple pie like foods (thank you McDon*d’s), but this Apple turnover turned my mind over also. Are you curious how good it is? The day before my mom’s flight back to Taiwan, she ran into Lidl just to bring some more Apple Turnovers back with her. 



Muller Greek Style Lemon Yogurt (Supervalu) 

One of the snacks I love the most in Europe is Yogurt. People who had been to supermarket with me can find that the times I came out without yogurt in my hands can be counted in one hand. My ultimate goal is to try every flavor from every brand, and so far, I can tell you this is the best I have ever had in Ireland. I tried also the mango flavor from the same brand, but Lemon is the best.

The texture of this yogurt is between Greek style and the normal ones, instead of yogurt, I’ll say it is more like cream. The lemon flavor makes it tastes similar to Yakult. If you ask me what do I miss about Ireland, this is definitely on my list. 





Colin the Caterpillar (Marks&Spencer) 

As a vegetarian who loves gummy bear,it is always depressing to try vegetarian gummy bears but find them not chewy at all. To be honest, before I bought this gummy caterpillar I thought that it will be the same as other vegetarian ones(but I still bought it anyway), and it really surprises me that it tastes almost the same as the ones with gelatin! Only if you’re curios of how delighted I was, I went running around my flat with this treat in my hand telling everyone to give this veggie caterpillar a try! 





Here are all the goodies I recommend from the supermarkets in Ireland, hope you enjoy them as I do and tell me also whats your favorite treat? 


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莫赫懸崖一日遊(都柏林出發)/Day trip to Cliffs of Moher from Dublin

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