[Ireland] Dublin at night/ 不能錯過的都柏林夜晚


Have you arrived in Dublin and ready to explore Dublin at night? Here you’re gonna find my favorite places in Dublin during my 3 months stay. Before the fun part, here are some useful reminders in advance:

*Supermarket stops selling alcohol after 22:00

*Night life ends early around 2am

So now~let the night begin!


oh wait, have you get the insider tips for what you should know before arriving?

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If you ask people in Dublin, it’s impossible to not know Diceys! Seriously how often do people go there? You can always find some familiar faces which you might have seen from your previous visit! But why so popular?

-Entrance before 19:00 Free/ after 19:00 €5.
-Drinks are mostly €2 till 22:00.

-Main stream

Crazy! isn’t it?! So you get to experience people getting drunk when the sky is still bright. Another good thing about Diceys is, We always arrive before 19 and around 00:00 we already have pretty much fun and wasted enough to leave. So you get to party early and get home early!

 Where is it











As a part of the Mercantile hotel, the entrance is in the alley behind. They always got good vibes on weekends. With 2 floors so if you don’t fancy the songs in either floor, you get the chance to try on the other!

-Free admission

-Latin reggaetón

Where is it


隸屬於Mercantile hotel一部份的小夜店,入口在飯店後面的巷子裡。2層樓的空間,如果不喜歡這層樓的音樂還可以跑去另一層樓。小小的地方但是假日的氛圍總是很棒!






Located next to River Liffey with a big Heineken glowing, River Bar is also a famous place for party lovers. What’s good is that the 1st floor is a normal bar with latin music, so even if you are not a fan for dancing you can also come here to chill. And downstairs, is where the party begins (but there was also a friend who always complain about the stifling heat). 

Free entry almost always

Whats more, if you’re a fan of Salsa & Bachata, join their weekdays and Sundays free lesson from 19:30~21:30!

Website: Link

Where is it


位於利菲河旁邊上面寫著大大的海尼根的River Bar 也是都柏林的熱門場所之一。一樓是可以用餐聊天的酒吧屬於靜態式的,而樓下就是舞池囉。所以就算不是party lover還是可以在1樓用餐感染一點周末氛圍!(不過也有朋友抱怨他們地下室的舞池實在是在悶了)

如果你對Salsa 或 Bachata有興趣,他們平日和禮拜天19:30~21:30都有免費教學!


網站: Link




How can The George not be mentioned when it comes to Dublin! The George is Ireland’s oldest and most well-known Gay bar. Don’t hold your breath! As a straight person, both me and my friend enjoyed the the atmosphere inside. What’s special is that it is not just for drinking and Dancing, they have shows and activities on their stage! The time we visit they had a battle on stage, challenging each other’s sexiness, fun to watch!



-Opened everyday

-Entrance: Free~ €10 (Fri, Sat get in before 22:00 for free)

Where is it


講起都柏林,怎麼可能不提到The George呢!The George 可是都柏林元老級也是最有名的同志酒吧。先別跑~身為直男直女的我和我朋友已經先替不論是不是同志的你們場勘過了,好玩! 特別的是裡面舞台會有表演活動,我們去的時候見證了他們的性感舞蹈battle~



-入場: 免費~ €10 (五, 六 22:00 前進去免費)


Do you think the night have ended? Nop, 2 more tips to go~


Temple Bar Challenge

If you feel like staying outside enjoying the fresh air, highly suggest you to stay around the Temple bar area. Sometimes they will have challenges which is fun to stick around and watch, like Hang on Bar challenge and Reverse Bike challenge. You get a chance to get win yourself another Pint right?!

如果你傾向於在外呼吸新鮮空氣,不妨試試待在Temple bar區。除了酒吧林立以外也不時會有各種挑戰活動看著也有趣。

Pub Crawl

 If you are also a fan of solo travelling I highly recommend you to try The Backpackers Pub Crawl! I tried it myself and what’s funny is that it’s Valentines, and our crawling group was quite big! You will visit 5 pubs (not the touristic ones) and get 1 free shot in each you visit.


如果你是獨行旅客我會推薦你試試The Backpackers Pub Crawl!我的第一次Pub Crawl就獻給都柏林了,最特別的是那天還是情人節而且人數龐大呢!領隊會帶你去5間酒吧(不是觀光客愛去那種)每間都會給你一杯free shot,接下來就讓酒精增進你的社交功夫啦!



-Website: Link

So now I’ve revealed all my secret, let me know how’s your night going! 😉


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