[Portugal] Portuguese people: How friendly can they be

Bom Dia!
Coming back from trip to Portugal, whenever people ask me how was it, I always reply “I love this country! Portuguese people are extremely friendly! ” Moreover, I can say this is so far the friendliest country I’ve ever visited. Why do I say that? Let my experience with Portuguese people prove it to you!

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how are portuguese peopleTook my hand and crossed the street

Firstly, I was “helped” by an elder lady at night to cross a street without a traffic light. Literally, the lady took me by hand to cross the street because I was standing there for maybe more than 5 minutes watching the nonstopping cars passing by.

At first, she said something to me in Portuguese, but I can’t understand so I was smiling all the time with a big question mark on my face. Then she took my hand with her when it was time to cross the street. How touching is that right!?

Surrounded by Portuguese people at the bus stopPorto

The next day, we were heading to a beach and we were waiting at a bus stop but we weren’t quite sure we were waiting for the right bus or not. Although the bus stop was a bit crowded, people were busy with their own stuff, reading or with their phones so we just decided that we will ask the driver when we get on.

Finally, when the bus came, before getting on the bus we asked the driver if he was heading towards the beach…and Bam! As if we just said some magic word, we were literally surrounded by everyone at the bus stop to help us, literally surrounded.

One student took off her headphone and told us we were going in the wrong direction, another student kept pointing towards somewhere across the street. Although there were some elders who don’t speak English, they kept patting me on the shoulder said something in Portuguese, trying to have my attention. This little incident made the bus stopped longer than it should, everyone on the bus was watching, waiting. Since this is the bus for everyone except for us, we just asked for a rough Direction and headed there ourselves. Isn’t Portugal an amazing country?

These are my experiences, but I chatted with another girl from Ukraine and she had more stories to tell!

When her bike broke…

Firstly, let’s give her a round of applause because she did a very hardcore exercise in Porto: Biking (If you have been there, you know what I mean.)

Before we met, her bike chain fell while she was on her way. She tried to fix it herself but can’t, so she went to a bike shop nearby. Guess what, she came out from a bike shop not only just with her fixed bike but also with some tools and a pair of gloves. She said the owner didn’t charge her any at all, gave her some tools for free, and taught her how to deal with it when it happens again. I mean, how astonishing can they be?

portuguese people character

Winter in Lisbon…

Recently I was chatting with my boyfriend who had lived in Lisbon for quite a while, that day there was a marked drop in temperature, he said: ” In Lisbon, it is about time for them to open subway.”
This means, in Lisbon if the temperature is too low, the government will open certain subways at night for the homeless. How lovely is this country😍!

The friendliness of Portuguese people hasn’t finished yet..there was also another Taiwanese…Okay, I’ll stop here. You have to go and feel it yourself 😉

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