Being arrested on Valentines in Puerto Escondido for not wearing a mask

Lol~I really don’t know how to start this story. On one hand, it seems ridiculous, on the other hand, it adds salt to our valentines memory and makes our stay in Puerto Escondido much more remarkable😂
So…here it goes👇🏻

Why are we not wearing a facemask

Allow me to explain a little bit for ourselves first. Back in Mexico City, we had our masks on 24/7 whenever we were outdoor, but here in Puerto Escondido, we made it a choice because we are living far from the busy crowd(la punta/Zicatela), and 70% of the time on the streets it’s either only you or there are little people that you can easily keep the safe distance.

👆🏻This is the path that we were stopped by the police

The facemask situation in Puerto Escondido

The truth is that here in Puerto Escondido it’s a totally different atmosphere from Mexico city, even from Oaxaca city center itself(we were there during the covid times as well). In Mexico City and Oaxaca center 90% of people have their face masks on(so did we), here in Puerto Escondido maybe a bit more than 60% of the people I would say. By that, I mean around the lighthouse area and Rinconada, not the surfer hotspot Zicatela and hipster part La punta.

My boyfriend arrested for not wearing a facemask walking on the side street in Puerto Escondido.

We were walking on a side street, as usual, doing our 15 mins walk to the Carrizalillo beach to swim, on our way we passed one family with their swimming buoy, I guess heading to the Manzanillo beach (also not wearing a mask because it was literally 5 mins walk from the hotel they came out). One minute later, a police truck stopped us and asked us to put on facemasks (although we had met several police trucks during our 1-month stay, this never happened. I am not making any judgment here but to make it clear for you about the situation in Puerto Escondido).

We Always have our masks in our bags because we use them whenever there are more people or when we enter shops. Unfortunately, this is not the case this time. While I put on mine, my boyfriend realized that he forgot his, so he covered his mouth by encircling the beach towel around his face.
One female officer stood out of the car and said that this doesn’t work so we asked if we can go back to the hotel and get it because we really forgot, the hotel is just 5 mins away(we talked to them in Spanish). After several attempts of trying to explain, my boyfriend ended up sitting next to the polices in their truck with the beach towel around his face.

Arrested for not wearing a facemask in Puerto Escondido, my boyfriend’s experience:


On the way to the police station what made my boyfriend uncomfortable was that although they passed many others who were not wearing masks on the street, the police didn’t even bother to stop them…

For the crime of not wearing a facemask, he had to go through the full process…
The police took a mug shot of him, his shoes had to be taken off before entering the jail and so as the necklace he was wearing. (if you’re curious like me, I asked why the necklace had to be removed, he said it’s in case you use it to strangle someone or yourself…)
He was put in jail with 5 other “criminals”, one was arrested because of drunk driving a truck. My boyfriend was the only one who was arrested for not wearing a mask in that room(yeah…he gave people in the same room a good laugh for the crime he did). Funnily enough, people who were in that room were not wearing masks either! My boyfriend was the only one wearing a mask the police gave him.

Souvenir from this experience

And guess what my boyfriend said when I showed up to bail him out: they’re all pretty pleasant! I was chatting with them!

Punishment for not wearing a Facemask in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

penalty for not wearing a mask in puerto escondido

-A penalty of 15 peso
-3 hours of Community service
-6 hours of Jail
It’s either one of them👆🏻

Of course, we chose the 1st option! So after I found information online about the obligatory thing about facemasks, I went for my boyfriend directly at the Delegación Municipal Colonia Aeropuerto.
(Luckily before they arrested him I asked where they were bringing him! They didn’t tell us at the beginning. The cover picture of this post was the only information I got in this incident-car plate of the police)

📌Last but not least, the police we met were pretty pleasant, it was just the process that wasn’t pleasant😅

This post is not to defend ourselves, but to share our experiences with others who might be in this situation.
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