How we celebrate Birthday during the lockdown

Far before this quarantine, I was already thinking about what Should I prepare for my boyfriend’s birthday, since this is the first birthday of his that we celebrate together. (I know everyone understands this struggle😵) I was thinking about buying sth from his favorite brand Nike (sth I am certain that he might like), or making a memorial photo album about us, or… before I can come up with more or..the quarantine starts.
We had a pretty cozy and memorable birthday at home, which I believe everyone would enjoy if this is your situation as well, so here we go👇

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Zoom reunion with common friends

My boyfriend and I knew each other in Spain in our language school. Since we will be indoor for a while, we started our Spanish lesson with our common Spanish teacher again via zoom. Before his birthday, I wrote to my teacher that on his birthday lets do a “Surprise birthday reunion”.
So my boyfriend thought we were going to have a normal lesson as usual, but 10 minutes after the class started, our former classmates/friends started to join! We caught him by surprise(although I think my teacher and I acted pretty odd in the previous 10 mins..😂)
My recommendation: The chat would be better with maximum 4 screens, or it would be pretty messy when everyone starts to talk at the same time.
Do you and your partner have friends in common? Of course, you know some of his/her friends!!


birthday ideas at home

Handwritten letter

If this person is someone important to you, no matter just a friend or your partner, I always believe that handwritten letter is a must! (I sneaked out to the supermarket just for this card!🤭)
Write about how you first met, how you appreciate your relationship, our just the little things in life which you appreciate so much but you just haven’t had the chance to tell. (I have way too much to tell that I added an extra paper from my notebook and present it with the card.)


Candles and…whatever

Supposedly after the zoom reunion, my boyfriend should be the one who goes out to buy his birthday cake (he is pickier than me, so just let him buy what he prefers💁‍♀️), I prepared the candles (also from the supermarket), but after the Zoom reunion we decided that cake wasn’t that important, so I stuck the candles on the sweet👆 I can find in the fridge, closed the light and let him make wishes and blow candles.


Then, of course, comes the drinking part~then we both went to bed with our own TV series(like every night)
Our birthday celebration at home is nothing special but very cozy🥰 


Talking about gift ideas, I have sth funny to confess🤷🏻‍♀️Since I am currently in Moscow and the only Russian I know is to introduce myself. So I’ve been struggling if I should order a birthday present or not, since my bf would be the one to pick up the delivery…And one day he even has to get all the way to the post office to pick up his order…So, at last, I didn’t get him anything, but a cozy surprise


If you are not in the same situation as me (which means you are able to pick up your home delivery yourself), Let me give you some
Awesome gift idea👇🏻


QI Wireless Charger

Needless to say, suitable for everyone under quarantine💁🏻
And the best part is: it is suitable for both Iphone and Samsung!!

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quarantine birthday idea


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Hope my ideas are helpful to you, hope you enjoy as much as we do
stay safe 🥰

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