[Self reflection] Week 3 of Quarantine in Moscow

Today is my 3rd week of quarantine-lowest point of all.

According to some people whom I was following, there will be some time in quarantine that you will start to cry… I was very suspicious about that…what to cry for?
So now I can answer myself, nothing to cry for, but you just hit your bottom.💣
Feeling useless mainly was what I felt..

To whoever reading this, I always write my posts with some purpose, but tbh I don’t know how I got here, why am I writing this. Anyways, might be a good idea to record this moment in this historical year🤷🏻‍♀️


quarantine in moscow

I secretly named Sunday my “creative day” in quarantine. Take pictures, create new presets, do whatever I like, anything creative.
But today, I just can’t find the strength, actually, I think this mood starts from yesterday night, feeling a bit down..but today it was worse and starts from the day. Even faking a smile seems tiring.

things to do in quarantine


I took this set of photoshoot last Sunday, I found ideas on Pinterest and wanted to recreate them. The ones you saw above are the good ones, I failed others of course and laughed so hard at it and posted them on Instagram.


things to do in quarantine


Of course I failed, but I didn’t imagine that I would have so much fun by creating them and seeing these hilarious results! Nowadays, doing what makes you happy is so important!

Wherever you are, stay safe, be kind!

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