[Rome Italy] Quartiere Coppedè-the prettiest neighborhood in Rome

Coming to Italy-Rome, except for the must-visit Trevi fountain and colosseum…let me tell you another secret spot in Rome: Quartiere Coppedè-the prettiest neighborhood in Rome. 

rome italy attraction Quartiere Coppedè

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Why is Quartiere Coppedè so special?

-Firstly it was my Spanish teacher’s favorite district, which my Spanish teacher is a big fan of Italy, moreover, he has a girlfriend from Rome. So if I ask him “where is your favorite district in Rome“, the answer must be very valuable! It’s definitely not the major tourist “must-visits”

-Secondly, the first time my boyfriend was in Rome was about 10 years ago. My bf is the type who has the “off the beaten track/ how to avoid tourist” list😅🤣.  He first visited Quartiere Coppedè 10 years ago and this time while we were in Rome, he vaguely remembered that there was this beautiful district that he has to visit again this time! (I mean, after 10 years!!)

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Have a closer look

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And this is just the entrance! Inside lays the neighborhood designed by Gino Coppedè, a  Florentine architect-an exponent of Art Nouveau.
While entering you will find a magnificent chandelier hanging right above you.

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The Frog Fountain

After the chandelier, keep heading straight you’ll find this frog fountain on Piazza Mincio.
What’s special about this fountain? For me, it’s not the fountain, but the surrounded buildings were what makes us stood here in awe.
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Aren’t they breathtaking! This part of Rome was so quiet and calm, we were the only ones standing here…having our breath taken away. I mean, there were also others, but they were ones who live here or work in those buildings, so we were standing here ourselves capturing these beauties.


Quartiere coppedè map

義大利羅馬 地圖

How to get to Quartiere Coppedè

Quartiere Coppedè is not close to any metro station (which I guess might be a big part of the reason how it kept its calmness) but by tram 3 or 19, hop-off at Piazza Buenos aires

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📌Extra Tip for Quartiere Coppedè 
Remember to have your tummy fed b4 coming here, 
there is no place for snacking or dining around!

Bonus for those who love Art Nouveau

If you have read until here, let me give you an extra tip about another building you will love in Prati!

Rome unique buildings in Prati


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