[ Recipe ] Chanterelles mushroom Pasta

While enjoying your time in Europe during the summer, if you spot Chanterelle mushrooms in supermarkets, don’t miss your chance to make this easy and tasty Chanterelle pasta!
Chanterelle’s growing season: July~october
Telling you the truth, my bf made this pasta for me last year, and these days I was just thinking: I miss that pasta with that special mushroom, then I spotted them again in the Supermarket!!!
How lucky am I!🥳 Needless to say, they taste As Good As I remembered!
So here you go👇🏻no hidden secrets! The recipe is just as easy as it seems!

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雞油菌 食譜

In Russia, you will find Chanterelles at a Very Reasonable price.
When my bf visited the states, he was shocked by its luxurious price!🙃
Now~let me show you how to make your own “luxurious Chanterelle mushrooms Pasta


Chanterelle mushrooms Pasta Ingredients

Onion *1~2
Garlic *4~5 cloves
Pasta 250g
Chanterelle mushrooms 400g
Salt, Pepper, cheese powder
mushroom bouillon cube (optional)
Butter (optional)

Dice the onion and fry it with garlic
雞油菌 食譜

Preferably, fry them with butter, but not necessary.


Wash Chanterelle mushrooms and boil 3~5 mins
Chanterelles mushrooms pasta recipe

How to clean those Chanterelle mushrooms- It could be a controversial topic😅
Some say you are NOT supposed to wash them, only clean them with a brush, or else you will make the Chanterelle mushrooms tasteless.  Anyways, I still wash them and they still taste fantastic🤤.
(You can add your mushroom bouillon cube here and boil it with Chanterelles or add it directly into the frying pan👇🏻👇🏻)
📌Remember to keep the water you used to boil the Chanterelle mushrooms


Fry Chanterelle mushrooms with onion and garlic
雞油菇 義大利麵

Remember that your onion and garlic should be fried until golden

Chanterelles mushrooms pasta recipe


Boil Pasta
Chanterelles mushrooms pasta recipe

Use the same water you used to boil Chanterelle mushrooms to boil the pasta (take it out 3 mins earlier according to the recommended boiling time)


Fry your boiled pasta with the Chanterelle mushrooms
Chanterelles mushrooms pasta recipe

We fry the pasta for around 5~7 mins (we added extra olive oil) and the texture is a bit crunchy which I loveeee🤤🥰😍
Remember to add salt and black pepper before putting it on your plate.

Cheese powder
雞油菇 義大利麵

Last but not least~ Cheese Powder

hope you enjoyed this recipe🤤 Any feedback would be appreciated
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