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If you’re looking for what to eat in Salamanca Spain, or even, trying to find the best Salamanca restaurant with vegetarian options, you have come to the right place. I’m going to share this hidden gem in Salamanca with you, which was the best restaurant we ever visited in years!!! (Not to exaggerate, but that was really how we felt.)

best restaurant in Salamanca-Salam restaurant


Salam restaurant is located in the center of Salamanca. But! It’s out from the bustling tourist because it is located in a quiet alley which is 5 minutes from the tourist attractions.

We visited on a holiday(Easter Monday) and working day(which was the next day of Easter Monday) and both days were pretty quiet with just a decent amount of locals.

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Our waitress was a very pleasant and friendly guy who speaks English ( you know that’s very important in Spain!)

The service was super on point, we didn’t wait long for what we ordered and the meals came one by one with just the right timing 👌🏼

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Okay, so now comes the most important part: ¡La comida!

Salam restaurant offers different daily menus, you can have a look here on their website.

Although this is not a vegetarian restaurant, they always (these 2 days) have more than 2 veggie options on their daily menu (if you are also a vegetarian you must understand how much we appreciate this because that means that at least we can make “choices”).

First visit

restaurant in Salamanca -Salam restaurant
Greeting gazpacho – Free starter the first day we visited.
First course

Personally, I am usually not a huge fan of hummus, because if the proportion wasn’t measured right, it’s easy for it to be too rich. The hommos here in Salam restaurant was pretty well considered, not too condensed nor too light, especially with my favorite mushroom that gave it some extra touch👌🏻.

Focaccia casera de calabaza con crema de queso feta y tomate cherry

This Focaccia was pretty memorable😋. Its pumpkin flavor was not too strong, the texture was like after being deep fried yet it was not greasy at all! Flavored enough that eating it solely was already delicious. Feta cream was 👌🏻 the cherry on top!

Main course
vegetarian restaurant in Salamanca
Mousaka Vegetal

Moussaka is a Greek dish, which I would say seems like greek lasagne (no offense😂), but instead of the pasta beneath, Moussaka is layered with eggplants and Zucchini accompanied by red tomato/vegetable sauce.

Vegetarian restaurant in Salamanca- restaurant Salam
Canelón de calabacín relleno de soja texturizada guisada con verduras.

Please!! if you see this in their menu, you HAVE TO order!! It doesn’t just look exquisite, its taste also!!! Soja meat crumbles hidden inside this Zucchini and that creamy sauce is something that you will not want to leave on the plate!!🤭

We realized the plate that they used was from our favorite Portuguese Porcelain brand-Vista Alegre‘s Casa Alegre series. We have a cup with the same pattern🤭. Find the same one here.
If you are also into Porcelain, I found some for you from the same brand, Click and see.
Carrot cake
vegetarian restaurant in Salamanca Spain-Restaurante Salam

You can tell how satisfied we were with our first visit, we immediatley booked a seat for the second day(didn’t think they would be full but just in case).

(At that time we didn’t know that they change their menu daily, so I was already prepared to have the same dishes 2 days in a row and I don’t mind! They were so goood!)

Second Visit

Greeting Focaccia

First Course
Green beans Makdus

Green beans and tomatoes with some extra touch of…makdus?

Makdous is a part of Iraqi Levantine cuisine which means stuffed eggplant. I am not sure if I saw any eggplants here but it is definitely one of my favorite starters since that day!

Main course
Grated artichoke with mushroom bechamel

How lucky were we!!! I love and missed artichoke! (Living in Lisbon I don’t see them popping up often in restaurants here.)

My boyfriend and I both chose this artichoke dish as our main course and were both👌🏻happy with it.

Cheesecake with red berries

If you see this on their menu, please go for it. Assuming that you are a fan of Cheesecake(who doesn’t) and happens to love creme brulee (come on!), let me tell you this is a mix between them🤤.This is not something you would want to miss.

Orange flan

Flan was great as well, but sorry, their cheesecake got my heart.


All the set we ordered was around €17-20 per person, depends on what time you visit. For what we get and the experience we had, we really think it worth at least twice the price(time of waiting, sequential order of all courses and the food!).

In sum

If you are looking for the best Salamanca restaurant or vegetarian restaurant in Salamanca, both my boyfriend and I would vote with both our arms and legs for you to visit Restaurante Salam. Although Salam is not a vegetarian restaurant itself but from what you see you can tell that it is vegetarian friendly and we vegetarians were super content.

Moreover, we would like to state again that this is one of the best restaurants we have been to in years, definitely a hidden gem in Salamanca Spain!

As you can tell from the picture, the portions are more than adequate, not too small nor too filling. We finished everything and didn’t feel superrrr satiated, everything was on point.

Hope you enjoyed this article and will enjoy their food😉let me know!

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評分:5 分,滿分為 5。

Restaurante Salam information

  • Working hours:
    Monday-Saturday: 13:00-16:00/ 20:30-23:00
  • Contact: +34 923263018
  • Website: Link
  • Google map: Link

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