[Russia] Russian Superstitions

While visiting a foreign country, except for visiting those tourist attractions (and taking pictures of course🤭what interests me the most is the Local culture.

So today let us talk about some Russian Superstition. (100% verified)

1. Make a wish while crossing a bridge…


When visiting Moscow, the Moscow River is definitely what you will pass often, which means: you will be crossing bridges.

What I didn’t know earlier was that whenever you cross a bridge for the first time, you get to make a wish! (How many wishes have I missed..) But this works in any country you are in, so now you know, don’t forget to make wishes!


2. Don’t let empty bottles stand on the table

Russian superstition

This is based on 100% true story.

When drinking with my Russian Bf, I realized he always puts empty bottles on the floor right after we emptied them.

At first, it seems just like a personal drinking habit, but after reading other articles about Russian superstitions, I understood!

See the pictures? Even with empty water bottles, they don’t let them “stand” on the table.

Russian superstition
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3. Don’t return home to get your forgotten things

Russians believe that if you go back and get the thing you forgot, something bad will happen to you.

How difficult is this! But! There is a way to resolve it.

If you return home to get what you forgot, you have to look into the mirror before you leave. (I guess this is why my bf has a big mirror on his entrance door😂)

4. Don’t cut your Hair before big events!

For example, if you have an exam or there will be some big occasions for you, before that, don’t cut your hair. 

We have a similar tradition in Taiwan, I remember when I was in Junior high school, my friends and I don’t cut nails and hair during exam week.

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5. Have to be punched if you have your clothes inside out

Russian superstitions clothes inside out

Once, I was putting on my cardigan while waiting for the traffic light, but I had it inside out. My Bf next to me gently punched me from the side. I looked back at him and he told me that he had to 🤔 
So the belief is that: if you have your cloth inside out, they think there is a high possibility that you will be beaten, so they have to do it first.

6. If tableware falls…

Russian superstition

If a fork falls on the floor, it means there will be a female visiting you, if it is a knife, a guy. Coincidentally, while we were in Spain once I was arranging tableware and a fork fell, my Russian bf said immediately, a female will visit us.

Guess what, his sister is coming 2 days later.

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7. If you step on others foot, the other has to step back

They believe if you don’t do so, you will have small arguments.

(My boyfriend and I are following this rule pretty strictly🤭)

8. If there is someone in your way while holding hands…


While holding hands, if there is someone in the middle so you have to let go of each other’s hands, after you pass that person and start to hold hands again, you have to say Hi to each other. If you don’t, you might have some small arguments.

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9. Spirits living under the doorstep 

wood sea dawn landscape

On the internet, you can find several articles talking about Russian superstitions that they don’t greet guests over the doorstep. This means no hugging, kissing, or even passing things on the threshold of the doorstep, and this means every door in the house! ( credit to the girlfriend who always has to leave the house to pass forgotten objects to the boyfriend outside the door🤐I mean, so he won’t have to look into the mirror right?😉)

10. Sit before you hit the road

Russian superstitions sit before hit the road

Many still keep this Russian tradition: having some quiet time before hitting the road

What they(which is “we” now) usually do is that before hiring a taxi to head to the airport we sit quietly thanking the house/hotel for hosting us and wish that they could give us good luck for the next trip(sort of).

This is a strict tradition in our family🤫don’t ask me why but I heard other foreigners adapting to this new tradition as well🤭

Hope you enjoyed this article😉

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