[Russian food culture] Russian Honey and Varenye Jam-how they eat

Russians are the biggest honey eater I’ve ever met! This collection at home👇🏻 it’s just a piece of cake👌🏻
Within 6 dollars you can get natural, high-quality honey!
Besides honey, if you love jam you will love russian варенье- Varenye. A liquidy fruit preserve and also something very very traditional in Russia!

russian honey

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What shocks me the most is how Russians eat honey

In tea? With toast? With Pancake?
Nono! Many Russians eat honey directly, one teaspoon of honey~one sip of tea.
Idk if I’m the only one shocked…but really I’ve never seen this way of consuming before😲

Since my bf and his sister both consume honey like this, I want to be fair so I asked another Russian girl I knew, she said: “well~ you can put it in the tea as well, but why not directly?”


Above is the honey brand recommended by my bf-a very experienced natural honey consumer😂
You can find them in Moscow’s supermarket-Азбука вкуса (Azbuka Vkusa)
Fresh, cheap, and big!

Click me to google the nearest Azbuka Vkusa

варенье(Varenye)-Russian jam


When I first see this, I said: Jam.
My Russian teachers were very strict with it, nonono~this is not jam!😂


варенье (Varenye) is a type of whole fruit preserve which they boil berries/fruits with sugar for a long time but without them losing its shape.
You can eat it directly, or with tea, and of course Russian Blini!

Last recommendation

russian honey recommendation

If you are searching for some special treats to buy home as a gift, try this Buckwheat honey. The darker the better!
You can find it in the Vkusvill supermarket(Also recommended by the very experienced natural honey consumer😂)

Vkusvill around me
See also: What to buy in Moscow's supermarket Vkusvill

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