[St. Petersburg] Instagrammers guide to Saint Petersburg

Looking for Instagram-worthy places in Saint Petersburg Russia? You’ve come to the right place. Let me show you 12 Instagrammable Places in St. Petersburg which excludes those super beaten ones for you to avoid the crowd😉

Map of Saint Petersburg’s instagrammable places


Firstly let us have a tour around St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is famous for its panoramic view- the Colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

Colonnade of St Isaac’s Cathedral

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral has one of the highest points of view of Saint Petersburg city center. It is 43meters above ground level and you have to be prepared to climb around 200 stairs.

The minus is that the ticket to the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Colonnade is charged separately from visiting the Cathedral itself. Solely visiting the Colonnade would cost 300 rubles and the Cathedral itself costs 450 rubles by the time I visited.

So if you are planning to visit both the Panoramic view of Saint Petersburg and the Cathedral itself (which I highly recommend), be ready to pay for both!

🎫Check the latest price here
⏲Last entrance to Saint Isaac’s Cathedral: 17:30
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Schast’ye cafe Saint Petersburg

Being a professional foodie and Instagrammer, how can I not recommend you an Instagrammable cafe in St. Petersburg?

Schast’ye is a cafe chain that you can find in both Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

The one that I’m going to recommend to you is the one around Saint Isaac’s Cathedral.

Do you see the cathedral behind me? Okay I know it might not the perfect angle, but if you’re lucky enough to get yourself a table at the side(we were sitting in the middle), you’ll get a perfect “brunch with Saint Isaac” pic!

Instead of the Summer cafe, their indoor seat also has a picturesque view, check it out here.

Cafe Review:

The Сырники (Syrniki) is a must-try in Schast’ye! Not only because it is a traditional Russian pancake (made from cottage cheese), but also because it was really really tasty! I’ve tried Syrniki maybe 2 or 3 times and never understood the fame, but here in Schast’ye the Сырники they made completely changed my mind!

We were at Schast’ye on a Sunday during the summer (around 11 am). Luckily when we arrived there were still some empty seats (but obviously not the best ones for pictures). By the time we left there were already some people queuing to be seated. Plan your visit ahead!

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Mon-Thu 09:00-01:00/ Fri-Sat 09:00-02:00/ Sun 09:00-00:00

Voznesensky avenue

From Schast’ye cafe to Isaac’s cathedral, you will cross Voznesensky avenue. Good for those who like to do street photography, and with the symbolic Admiralty (Petersburg navy’s academy) behind.

St. Isaac’s Square

The park- St. Isaac’s Square in front of Saint Isaac’s cathedral is where you should stop by to capture the whole Cathedral.

If you visit Saint Petersburg in Spring or Summer, you might be lucky enough to capture Saint Isaac’s cathedral with blossoming roses.

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Blue bridge

Close to Saint Isaac’s Square is the blue bridge where you can capture both the”Russian Venice vibe” and the whole Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. I was standing at the exact same spot but just at a different angle.

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Embankment River Moyka

After you cross the blue bridge, this angle is also instagram worthy!

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Yusupov Palace

The State Hermitage museum/ Winter palace must be on your Saint Petersburg itinerary. Though if you’re planning to visit the hermitage and planning to take 10000 pictures there, personally I will recommend you to visit the Yusupov Palace instead. (Don’t get me wrong, Winter palace should still be in your plan! )

In the Hermitage, you can expect people to photobomb you from every Angle. It is worth a visit, but not so friendly for the gram.

While we were at the Yusupov Palace, there were moments when I thought: “This is quite similar to what I saw yesterday in the winter palace!”. After chatting with my friend with whom I visited the Yusupov Palace together, she had the same idea in mind!

So, If you want a less crowded hermitage museum vibe, go to Yusupov Palace!

🎫Check the latest ticket fare
⏲Everyday 10:00-19:30 (Cashier opened 09:30 – 18:00)
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Italian Bridge

Who wouldn’t want a pic with the Savior on the Spilled Blood church? Instead of standing right in front of the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood, head to the italian bridge to get this shot with both the Griboyedov channel and the church of the Spilled Blood in one frame!

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Mikhailovsky Garden

While visiting the church of the Spilled Blood, don’t forget to stop by the Mikhailovsky Garden next to it (I’m so sad I missed it). You can get this amazing view through the big gates.

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Have you been to Saint Basil’s cathedral in Moscow? Let me tell you why I strongly recommend you to give it a visit. Check it out

Fontan U Kazanskogo Sobora

Right in front of the Kazan Cathedral is this picturesque U Kazanskogo Sobora Fountain. Behind me, that eye-catching building is the office of VK (What is VK? You can also call it Russian Facebook ).

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New Holland Island

I was in love with the vibe of this Island! Super chilled with plenty of cafes, people playing ping pong, picnicking, and kid-friendly.

Highly recommended for some chillax photoshoots in Saint Petersburg.

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Saint Petersburg Mosque

Last but not least, be sure to visit the Saint Petersburg Mosque before you leave. The time we visited it was still a hidden gem with maybe 8 tourists including us. Be there for the gram!!

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