[Austria] What you didn’t know about Schönbrunn 在熊布朗宮體驗道地蘋果捲製做

Talking about Austria and Austrian cuisine, Schönbrunn and Apple Strudel will never be left out. Except for the astonishing architecture you get to see in Schönbrunn, what if you also get the chance to experience the Original Viennese Apple Strudel Show, or even book a baking course here! Are you picturing the general apple strudels which you can see in every Café? Nope, there is a certain way to make this Original Viennese Apple Strudel, you can find all the tricks here and also get the original Viennese Apple Strudel recipe.



 This show takes around 15-20 minutes and is located in the basement of Café Residenz, at the left wing of Schönbrunn palace (facing the palace). Before the show starts, you can choose what you prefer to accompany you with the show.

How can you not have an Apple Strudel while watching the show?

一場蘋果捲秀大約20分鐘,位於Cafe Residenz(一進入熊布朗宮再走一小段的左翼)的地下室。再秀開始之前你可以先選擇你要的方案,看你在觀賞的時候想配什麼。


To be honest I really can’t compare the Apple Strudel here with the ones outside. From the first bite you can already tell how different they are. One important tip for this Apple Strudel is that the dough sheet should be thin enough for you to read texts through it, and this is not just a fancy show trick, but when you taste the Apple Strudel you can tell that why they have this special demand. Although the dough is thin as paper (or even thinner) but it is chewy at the same time and the sweetness is just right. For the filling, sourish apples are chosen, accompanied with buttered breadcrumbs, and raisins which are soaked in rum for 24 hours(which our Strudel Maker call it drunken raisins). 



In this 20 minutes, I can really feel the passion from the Strudel Maker (I think this fits better than performer), this is not only a show but every Strudel they make are filled with passion and vitality, and they will speak in English and German.

Rather than a show it felt more like a friend sharing their homemade recipes. In the Strudel-making process they will chat with you and there is a part which they also invite us onstage to help them with the Strudel, and at the end you will receive a Strudel certificate! 


在這短短的20分鐘裡你可以真切的感受到他們對蘋果捲的熱情,與其說這是一個表演,這倒更像是一位朋友在跟你分享如何製作他們的祖傳料理,互動性十足。整場他們會用德文以及英文解說,你還有機會被邀請上台一起參與這份蘋果捲的製作,結束時還會拿到蘋果捲證書呢! (多一證書不如少一證書嘛)

More info for the Strudel Show: http://www.cafe-residenz.at/original-wiener-strudelshow/?L=1 

Apple strudel baking course蘋果捲課程

Do you want to bake your own Apple Strudel? They got baking courses also which takes around 2 hours, you can taste them immediately after finished or you can proudly bring it home with you. During the show there will be buffet served, so no struggle for hungriness while smelling and waiting for your Apple Strudel to be finished. 



Price:  €62 per person

You get to have your own Apple Strudel, and you learn the skill directly from the Original Viennese apple strudel makers (and you get a diploma for your Apple strudel skill) and a small souvenir. What’s more, I believe you’re gonna have a lot of fun! 

Here’s the Link for booking your course/課程預定連結


Are you looking for an easier way to make them at home?


What you can also find here

Also, if you are anxious about making your own Apple Strudel right away, here I found a step by step tutorial for you. 




And let me know how your Apple Strudel go 😉 





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