[Spain] Shop like a local in Spain’s Supermarkets

Again here I am in my happy place: Spain’s Supermarket!
After shopping with my Spanish friend and staying in Spain for a year, I am going to share what local’s childhood treats are and my favourite things to buy in Spanish supermarkets~

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Spain Supermarket chains that you can find are:

spanish supermarket
  1. Consum
  2. Mercadona

The relationship between Mercadona and Consum is like Ebay and Amazon, everyone has their own favorite (we even had a debate between them in class one day).

I am team Mercadona supermarket, however my bf is a huge fan of Consum. So, the best way to pick your own team is to go check it yourself😉

If you’re looking for a more gourmet style, El corte Inglés department store will be your best friend.

Inside you can find a regular supermarket with tons of cheese, wine and olive choices. Besides that, they also have a gourmet section which is separate from their regular supermarket with more exclusive products.

You shall be able to find them in most El corte Inglés department stores.

spain supermarket

Now let us get to the fun part🤭

Spaniard’s childhood treat


spanish treat

Undoubtedly, this is definitely a childhood memory to many Spaniards. My local friend told me a  bit of their relationship.

When they were little, after school, their moms will be waiting for them in front of the school’s gate with a pack of Filipinos in their hand.

Also one day, when I was in the supermarket with my British friend, I pointed at Filipinos and said: My friend said this was her childhood! She immediately agreed with me because that was what her Spanish friend said also.

Actimel & Petit suisse

Petit suisse

This is a type of French cheese which tastes like yogurt. Spanish kids believe that by eating this, it will help them grow taller.

So between kids there was a joke: “You are not tall because you didn’t eat petit suisse“🤭

In summer, they put it in the freezer and eat it like ice-cream.

what spaniards drink

This is yogurt-type drink with many vitamins. They believe by drinking this will make them stronger. They usually drink it in winter because they need those vitamins to not get sick in winter.

So, this is a combo for kids to grow taller and stronger😂(at least they believe so)



Whenever I go with my friend to visit her grandparents, this is always on the table: Shandy-non alcoholic beer mixed with lemonade. A nice option for kids and elders.

Party beverage for kids


In Europe, it’s definitely normal to see non alcoholic “alcohols” for kids. But what is funny is what my friend told me: their love and hate with this bottle.

During Christmas and New year, while kids watch their relatives enjoying the day with a glass of 🥂, of course they want to be a part of that happiness and their option is this bottle…but according to my friend, they are not a fan of the taste but they drink it anyway to have that grown-up feeling😂

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Golden chocolate coins


We have this in Taiwan also! What’s different is that Chinese we eat them on Chinese new Year, Spaniards they only see this before Christmas, before the 3 kings arrival which the kings will be giving these gold treats.

🔗See how Spaniards celebrate Christmas


supermarket spain

My friend also introduced me to this, but I didn’t try though (🤫We had enough sweets in our shopping cart already)

Lacasitos tubo


Also recommended by my friend, to me it’s sth like MM Chocolate

Spanish sweets

Nocilla chocolate spread


Who doesn’t love Nutella! (I still remember there was a classmate of mine who always has a jar of nutella in his backpack, he eats it directly with a spoon!😮)
If you are also a nutella lover~you must try Nocilla! This is a Spanish brand– Nutella’s strong opponent, spaniards love Nocilla.
My teacher recommends the one with blue lid, it’s a mix between brown and white chocolate.

Rellenos de leche

spain supermarket

To tell you the truth, this cereal stands an important role in my “reasons to go back to Spain ” list.

After I tried it 3 years ago, other cereals are dull to me…after I left Spain, I tried to find something similar to this in other supermarket’s around Europe, I can’t…so remember to stock up😉

Hacedona is a mark which you can only find in Mercadona, so only Mercadona has this (Now you know why I’m team Mercadona😂)

Like mentioned, this is cereal, you eat it with milk (usually), but to me it’s like wasting this cereal’s talent!! (be careful, she’s exaggerating..she’s exaggerating) I eat them directly as snacks. As they have tiny packages, so it’s very convenient.


what to buy in spain turron

If you don’ know what to buy as a souvenir, Turron will be the perfect choice, very typical.

Spaniards eat them only during Christmas.

Suchard is an old brand to start with, also with innovative flavours, would be a good choice.

Valor chocolate


If you’re looking for Chocolate, Valor is the company that you should not miss. With more than hundred years of history, you not only can find Valor chocolate bars in the supermarket, but also Chocolatería in the old town of Valencia to dip Spain’s famous Churros in their rich chocolate sauce!

Danone activa 

You can find Danone in many European country, but this yogurt with yellow arrow is something special🤭 It helps with 💩
Shakira was once a Brand representative.


farton and horchata

Farton is something you have to eat with Horchata, a traditional food from Valencia. Horchata is made from Chufa, soy milkish~ beverage. You dip this Farton in it.

I would say Farton tastes just as it seems😬very soft bread stick with sugar powder on it, worth a try! But I would recommend you, traditional stuff are better tried in “traditional place😉 Horchata Daniel is a renowned local brand.



alcachofa in spain

Like zucchini flowers, the first time I saw Alcachofa I was with a very puzzled face. Is this a flower? Vegetable? Is this eatable? But apparently, this is a typical stuff which you can see around Spain. If you are not sure how to handle it, there are ready products waiting to be eaten!

Olive with pickle & chili


When a friend just took this “olive” out of the jar, I was like WHAT!🥴
But after I tried, I really think the person who invented this way to eat olive with pickle or chili was genius! I love both of them, the one with pickle I can finish half a jar easily, the one with chili is a bit more challenging. Totally recommend.


Pizza quattro formaggi


I know it might sound pretty lame to recommend a supermarket pizza 😂 But trust me, it’s that good that I have to put it here! Especially this quattro formaggi from Dr. Oetker!


As a vegetarian, of course I have to try what they got!

Aubergine patty


This is recommended for both vegetarian and not vegetarian people. Trust me, I’ve tried all vegetarian patties (except pumpkin😜) this is my favorite. And my friend who wasn’t a vegetarian, she likes it also.

Seitan patty


If you are a Seitan lover, this will satisfy you! My not vegetarian friend loves this the most. Besides aubergine, this seitan burger is my 2nd favorite.

We only recommend the one with  brown cover, the green one is too…chewy…i mean very very chewy🤐

Viennese sausage


The first time I tried Vegetarian Viennese sausage was at Vienna, I was very glad to see vegetarian option since I can’t try the original one and they totally satisfied me! Luckily, here in Spain you can find them also, give it a try!


Rice liquor

Spanish rice liquor

We have rice liquor in Asia too, but it is totally different from Europe. We use it in our cuisines.


But I love what they have here, I add them into my coffee or just milk😋


Cava is sparkling wine from Spain that you must give it a try if your are also a bubbly lover🥂!

The second fermentation of Cava is in-bottle fermentation which makes it more bubbly than Proseccos.

Spanish alcohol
Ones that I would recommend if you don’t know where to start

5.5 Verdejo Frizzante

Spanish wine recommendation

Another recommendation for those who loves sparkling but not planning to be tooo tipsy, this sweet bubbly is low in alcohol. Perfect to drink at home after your visit to the beach.
Good old times I had🥴.

Bought in Consum supermarket which was easy on the wallet.


So here are my recommendations, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do🤗

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