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For those who would like to study in Taiwan, or maybe curios about our university culture, you might take my university into consideration! Today I’m gonna share my university’s tradition.

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I graduated from Tamkang university, the one in Tamsui (which took me 2 hours on bus everyday…ugh).
If you are a prospective student, let me tell you what every “Tamkangnese” should know!
(Before starting, let me show you one of my fav cafe in Tamsui! Dream life of an Angel)

Overcoming Difficulties Slope

Lol, I know, when you see this name, the first thing that came into your mind must be WTF! But! This slope is definitely on top of the must-know list in Tamsui, and in Chinese 克難坡 literally means “Overcoming Difficulties Slope”. From its inclination and the 132 stairs you have to overcome, it’s not hard to guess where this name came from. This slope has more than 60 years of history and is the first task every Tamkangnese have to overcome (a must walk in the first day of freshman registration day).
And whenever there’s a typhoon, don’t miss out the scene here.


Tamkang university tradition
Tamkang university traditions

This is a Japanese style garden with a pond located in the middle of TKU. There’s some magic about this pond that makes people can’t resist but jump in.

Haha, just kidding~there’s a saying, if you have never visited this pond “literally”, you are not a Tamkang student. And why is that? There is a tradition that you must be baptized by Fu yuan for your birthday. So during your studies, there are many chances that you will see some “birthday parties” around this Garden.

Street Lamp
Taiwan Birthday tradition

Talking about birthday traditions it reminds me of this, a Taiwanese style birthday tradition which I have seen several times in TKU.

Students tie the Birthday girl/ guy on the street lamp close to school’s entrance, with a tag saying “It’s my birthday, don’t help me
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The smoking Bridge & Night Rush

When you see this name, I believe you won’t hesitate for a second about which bridge I am talking about. Yes, the one close to 711. Although this bridge has its “official name”, but everyone calls it the Smoking bridge, a weird place to “hang out”, but students just do that.

Motorbike in Taiwan

Sometimes in front of 711 you might see a lot of scooters parked in the middle of the road. If it’s at night, there’s a big possibility that freshmen are going for a “Night rush”.

*“Night rush” is a must experience for every university student, which means riding your scooter all the way up to the mountains at night.

Extra tips for Bubble tea around TKU

Night in Paris

Tamkang food

The drink selection in Night in Paris are from coffee to bubble tea, and they have a lot of tables for students who want to study, chat or do some group projects. So when I had a long break between classes, I go there often.
My favorite:  Iced black coffee with Honey


Milk shop

Milk shop is definitely my favorite bubble tea shop in Taiwan, and it’s a pity that this branch around TKU just opened after i graduate!! So be sure not to miss this treat with you in class.
Must try: Taro milk with bubbles


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Enjoy your stay and follow me here to discover more about Taiwan 😉



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