[Ireland] My favorite goodies in Ireland我的愛爾蘭小天地-超市

Where is your happy place while you’re in a foreign country? For people who know me…yas-Supermarket! I am not exaggerating, but I can really stay at least 30 minutes inside a supermarket and still enjoy my shopping(and I visit at least 3 times a week). After staying almost  3 months in Ireland,  I’d like to… Read More [Ireland] My favorite goodies in Ireland我的愛爾蘭小天地-超市

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[Ireland] Cork-Best Brownie ever Founded

While planning your travel, the first thing you search for might be the attractions, and what’s the 2nd?  For me, food!  As a vegetarian and dessertarian, while my friends are searching for typical local dishes,  I’m searching  for  best  sweets  and  cafes  around.  So when it comes to O’ Conaill  chocolate  shop-widely credited as having the… Read More [Ireland] Cork-Best Brownie ever Founded


[Ireland] My Top Ice-cream places in Dublin

When it comes to summer, what appears in your mind?  Gelato!!  Although some say that there is no summer in Ireland, but, you have to get used to the weather and enjoy ice-cream!  Today I’m going to share my top 3 ice-cream places in Dublin!  // 說到夏天你們想到什麼? 陽光沙灘比基尼…冰淇淋!! 雖然常常聽人家說愛爾蘭沒有夏天,但是必須習慣讓自己氣候才享受冰淇淋呀! 今天要分享我在都柏林的3大冰淇淋口袋名單  Glasses         … Read More [Ireland] My Top Ice-cream places in Dublin

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[Ireland] Titanic’s Last Stop-Cobh鐵達尼的最後停靠站-Cobh

I believe you all have that experience when you saw a picture on Instagram then you told yourself straightway that you’re gonna visit there someday, that’s what led me to Cobh-Titanic’s last stop. Cobh is recently exposed for its colorful houses with a big church as its background, today I’m gonna show you the exact point… Read More [Ireland] Titanic’s Last Stop-Cobh鐵達尼的最後停靠站-Cobh

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[Ireland] Falling in love with Cork愛爾蘭之我愛上的Cork

How is Ireland?  Honestly, before visiting Cork I always answer with an uncertain answer.   After visiting Cork, now I will definitely recommend you to visit this lovely country, and the city you should definitely visit is Cork.  //  愛爾蘭好玩嗎?  老實說,再去Cork以前我總會回答一個模稜兩可的答案,去完Cork以後我絕對會推薦你來這個國家看看,而你一定要造訪Cork這個可愛的城市。    Transportation (Dubin-Cork)  From Dublin to Cork I chose Aircoach Price: €22 return   Duration:… Read More [Ireland] Falling in love with Cork愛爾蘭之我愛上的Cork