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[Austria Cafe] Cafe Little Britain-Enjoy the British vibes in Vienna

Fancy a trip to London but got no time? Why not enjoy the British vibes during your stay in Vienna? Located close to the Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien, Cafe Little Britain is the perfect place for you to visit after your course or coming for brunch.   // 找不出時間去一趟倫敦嗎?位於維也納經濟大學約10分鐘距離的Cafe Little Britain就能讓你感受到十足的英式氛圍,不論是下課後跟同學小聚或是睡晚了渴望一頓早午餐,這裡都是個不錯的選擇。 I fell in love with the vibe… Read More [Austria Cafe] Cafe Little Britain-Enjoy the British vibes in Vienna

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[Austria] Austrian National day-Selfie with President! 奧地利國慶日

I still remember last year when I see some friends who were in Austria posting pictures with Tanks on street, the first thought was “What Happened”! Are you as surprised as me? That’s how they celebrate National day! Here are the things you can do on their National day: // 還記得去年看到朋友分享路上開著坦克車的照片時,閃過的第一個念頭就是大事不妙了!你也跟我一樣驚訝嗎?這就是奧地利慶祝國慶日的方式! 以下是我推薦在國慶日可以參加的活動 Close contact with… Read More [Austria] Austrian National day-Selfie with President! 奧地利國慶日

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[Ireland] Cork-Best Brownie ever Founded

While planning your travel, the first thing you search for might be the attractions, and what’s the 2nd?  For me, food!  As a vegetarian and dessertarian, while my friends are searching for typical local dishes,  I’m searching  for  best  sweets  and  cafes  around.  So when it comes to O’ Conaill  chocolate  shop-widely credited as having the… Read More [Ireland] Cork-Best Brownie ever Founded

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[Ireland] Titanic’s Last Stop-Cobh鐵達尼的最後停靠站-Cobh

I believe you all have that experience when you saw a picture on Instagram then you told yourself straightway that you’re gonna visit there someday, that’s what led me to Cobh-Titanic’s last stop. Cobh is recently exposed for its colorful houses with a big church as its background, today I’m gonna show you the exact point… Read More [Ireland] Titanic’s Last Stop-Cobh鐵達尼的最後停靠站-Cobh

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[Ireland] Falling in love with Cork愛爾蘭之我愛上的Cork

How is Ireland?  Honestly, before visiting Cork I always answer with an uncertain answer.   After visiting Cork, now I will definitely recommend you to visit this lovely country, and the city you should definitely visit is Cork.  //  愛爾蘭好玩嗎?  老實說,再去Cork以前我總會回答一個模稜兩可的答案,去完Cork以後我絕對會推薦你來這個國家看看,而你一定要造訪Cork這個可愛的城市。    Transportation (Dubin-Cork)  From Dublin to Cork I chose Aircoach Price: €22 return   Duration:… Read More [Ireland] Falling in love with Cork愛爾蘭之我愛上的Cork


[Travel Kit] Skincare in Flight 飛行中也不忘保養

How do you keep your skin hydrated during long distance flight where the humidity is lower than desert?   Today I’d like to share my tricks to keep my face fresh and moisturized during long distance flight.    The necessities for me during long flights are:  Paper wipes  Tissue paper  Facial Wipes (for removing make-up)  Eau… Read More [Travel Kit] Skincare in Flight 飛行中也不忘保養

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[Thailand Accommodation] Anantara Bangkok Sathorn Hotel

The last night of your travel always makes the night more special and memorable, especially staying in Anantara Sathorn gives this night a bonus point! I stayed in the “Kasara Two Bedroom Suite” with 3 other friends, although we know we’re going to have a fancy accommodation for the last night, but we were still… Read More [Thailand Accommodation] Anantara Bangkok Sathorn Hotel

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[Thailand] Amphawa Floating Market

I believe everyone has a bucket list, and the feeling of crossing them out is just amazing! Seeing the Floating Market in person is like a dream come true to me- the Amphawa Floating market  is the market  which local people visit on weekends,  makes it not too crowded and cheap. Also, while travelling I… Read More [Thailand] Amphawa Floating Market

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[Thailand] Pattaya 56F Tower Jump

Pattaya is a “must visit” city when people visit Thailand, and the reason…I’ll leave it to you… Except for the flashy activities, there is also one place which catches us tourist’s eye- To jump down from 56 floor. The “pattaya park tower jump” is located in Pattaya Park which is a resort hotel. It has… Read More [Thailand] Pattaya 56F Tower Jump

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[Thailand] Koh Samet

Summer means vacation,  but at the same time graduation.  That’s a really good excuse for me and my uni buddies to have a pause after the midterm and go for our graduation  trip to Thailand(ok, this was one month ago..).   Since Thailand is so famous for island hopping,  the first day we hopped directly from… Read More [Thailand] Koh Samet