[Taipei Cafe & Bar] The Shrine-Holy place to drink in Taipei/古亭酒吧-去神社喝一杯

If you are attracted by the Title and came in here reading this with a “What!”

Yes, this place is as cool as its name- The Shrine.




Recently if anyone asks me where is my favorite bar in Taipei, I would definitely come up with The shrine.

近期要是有人問起推薦的酒吧的話,非The shrine莫屬

Located right next to Exit 4 of Taipower Building Station, definitely an ideal place for you to chill after visiting Shida night market or if you are studying in NTU or NTNU.


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Except for the interior, What’s special about the shrine is that it is cafe&bar. They are opened from 10 till 02, you can have snacks and coffee here also if you’re not a bar type of person.



And how can I miss out the “Happy hour“! Except for the great location of the shrine, they also have reasonable prices for their drink. During happy hour 7 pm-8 pm they have Lager, Whiskey Coke, Vodka Lime and Wine for 100NTD! Even after happy hour, they have lager for 150NTD a glass, so what are you waiting for? I’ll link you to the address below!

最重要的”Happy hour“怎麼會漏掉呢!晚上7點至8點啤酒, Whiskey Coke, Vodka LimeWine都只要100NTD! 就算過了happy hour啤酒1杯也只要150。不囉嗦地址雙手奉上給你


Facebook: Link

Tel: 02 2367 5540

Opening hours: 10:00-02:00

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