[Taipei Cafe] Cafe Sole-a Cup of Coffee in Songshan Cultural Park/ 日出印象咖啡館-松菸完的必訪小角落

First of all, to be honest, I am Not an exhibition type of person at all. But I would say recently exhibitions are starting to be a hit in Taiwan, especially those with settings for people to take Tonsss of pictures. In Taipei there are many places for exhibitions and Songshan Cultural Park is one of the famous ones. ( I will list some famous exhibition places below)


 This time I went to the Red Dot Design Museum Taipei and Diversity of Graphic design exhibition.

Price: 80NT and you can enter both exhibition.

Back to the topic, instead of the exhibitions, I would like to recommend you Cafe Sole, this new-discovered Cafe located right next to the shop where you can buy your exhibition ticket.


Although I’m Cafe addicted, but what always attracts me are the desserts, and Cafe Sole is no exception. We had their Cheese Cake and Banana Walnut Muffin. Instead of the taste, one of the reason I highly recommend this place is because their price is super reasonable. I would say some of the Cafes in Taipei are overpriced, but Cafe Sole is not one of them; and after the first bite of both of them I’m totally amazed!






Their Cheesecake is rich but not too dry, and what I am always searching for in Cheesecakes are the crunchy bottom, and they have it here! Although they say it is New York Cheesecake, but I think its more in between of New York Cheese Cake and Light Cheese Cake, which is just right! It is rich but not too overwhelming for you to be sick of it.

Here comes Banana Walnut Muffin! It is really hard to decide which one is better between this and Cheesecake, but if I really have to make this hard decision, it would be Banana Walnut Muffin. It tastes moist with rich Banana flavor, and it just gives me the homemade-by-grandma feeling. And also tastes like the healthy snacks which mommies will prepare for their children. (I don’t know if I am too Imaginative)

To sum up, if you’re going to Songshan Cultural Park for exhibition, be sure to stop by and treat yourself. Also, I will recommend you to visit Eslite Spectrum also which is just beside. From clothing, instruments to restaurants and movie theater you can find them all here. Eslite used to be just a bookstore, but from Eslite Spectrum and Eslite Hotel you can see how much it expanded!

Top Exhibition Places in Taipei

Huashan 1914 Creative Park


2016 Exhibition credit

Taipei Fine Arts Museum



Museum of Contemporary Art


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