[Taipei cafe] Wooo Cafe -Hong Kong style cafe in Taipei

If you’ve been to Taipei you must know that our coffee shops are everywhere around the corner, but not all of them are as impressive as the one I’m gonna introduce you to…
Wooo cafe– Hong kong style cafe in Taipei dadaocheng

taipei cafe wooo cafe

窩(wo) This word in Chinese has 2 meanings, one is nest/shelter, another is snuggling.
The pronunciation is wo, so that’s how WOOO comes from!

Moreover, the slogan of this cafe is:

Don’t stand if you can sit, don’t go if you can snuggle (Wo)

大稻埕咖啡廳 窩窩Before entering the cafe, we were first attracted by this old-fashioned hair steamer😝
How can anyone miss this cafe?🙈

Wooo cafe Ambience

taipei cafe wooo cafedadaocheng taipei cafe wooo cafe
大稻埕咖啡廳 窩窩
taipei cafe wooo cafe dadaochengFeel like I’m in a Chinese doctor’s living room😂
台北港式 窩窩

After you enter, on the left side of Wooo cafe stands a big Chinese medicine cupboard. All of the decorations you see here are the owner’s personal collection!

taipei cafe wooo cafeI wonder where he found all these heads🤭

台北港式 窩窩台北咖啡廳 窩窩 台北港式咖啡廳台北咖啡廳 窩窩 港式dadaocheng wooo cafe taipei

That Klim milk powder👆🏻 is just so~so~vintage!!

台北咖啡廳 窩窩And that white floral water kettle😭my granny used to have one!
台北港式咖啡廳 窩窩台北港式西多式 窩窩taipei cafe wooo cafe

Can you feel how unique this ambiance is, the owner took care of every detail to bring us back to the old times.
Water boiler, fan, sofa, lamps…all of them are like the ones we saw in old movies or in grandparent’s house!

Wooo cafe Food

taipei dadaocheng cafe wooo

The best part about Wooo cafe is not the ambiance, it’s their FOOD!!!
The owner himself is from Hong Kong so here you get to taste Hong kong dishes!!

【Wooo regulations】

1.Minimum charge: one drink or meal per person
2.Don't accept reservations on holidays
3.Limited dining time 2 hours on weekends

taipei cafe wooo cafeSelf service bar

Wooo cafe Drinks

Usually when I order coffees in Cafes I order flavored ones, but here in Wooo cafe only regular coffee latte(Nt. 150) will have this Latte art, how can I resist!!

cafe in taipei wooo cafe dadaocheng 台北港式 窩窩

Idk if I’m the only one who felt so…It’s like receiving a love letter in a cup of coffee🥰
No matter what the question is, I do!!🙋🏻‍♀️

hong kong style cafe in Taipei wooo

My friend ordered Hong Kong-style Milk tea (NT. 170), even the cups they use are old fashioned ones which I’ve seen in movies!!

大稻埕咖啡廳 窩窩taipei cafe wooo cafe

Talking about cups… Guess what they used for my coffee, it says “Combat bowl” on it😂
I heard that this bowl was used for alcohol in Hongkong!

窩窩 餐點台北咖啡廳 窩窩 港式If you want some adult beverage, no problem!👌

Wooo cafe Food

大稻埕咖啡廳 窩窩台北港式西多式 窩窩hong kong food in Taipei wooo

French toast (NT. 150)

I think this should be called Hong kong toast😂You can’t compare them with regular French toast!
To me-a a french toast fan, they totally brought french toast(if it’s what it called) to another level!!
The outer part is crunchy because they fry it, and the inner part is filled with peanut butter!! I can eat this all-day🤤🤤🤤

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Wooo cafe website
Google map

Working hours:
Tue-Fri 11:00~19:00
Sat&Sun 10:00~20:00

Anyways, if you want to find some “off the beaten track” in Taipei, I totally recommend Dadaocheng to you, and even if you don’t plan to visit Dadaocheng, you should definitely give Wooo cafe a visit!!

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