[ Taiwanese culture ] Why people in Taiwan like to wear face masks

Until today, in Taiwan we have less than 900 COVID-19 cases, I would say Thanks to our face mask culture! Taiwanese love face masks!

taiwan culture medical face mask

Far before COVID occurred, the moment you land in Taiwan, you might find many people around you wearing Face masks.

I was asked multiple times by my foreign friends: Why is everyone wearing a face mask? Is there any disease?

Lol, chill~let me tell you as a local Taiwanese:
What face mask means to us, and in different stages of our life.

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Transportation between Taoyuan Airport and Taipei (services I use myself!)

Face mask in Childhood

In childhood times, whenever we caught colds, besides visiting doctors, our parents also made us wear face masks in school to not spread the cold to other kids.
(Moreover,  despite the regular masks you see today/nowadays/every day…we have special kid-size masks which you can find in all convenience stores.)

Face mask for Teenagers in Taiwan

taiwan culture wearing face mask

Funnily enough, in my junior high school times (13~15 yo) wearing a face mask was a “trend”.

And why was it a trend?

Simply because some people look better with their mouths hidden😂
(👉🏻don’t give me that look, see it here yourself)

I still have a vivid memory that when I was in junior high school, we girls would chat about some other senior students talking about who looks better with face masks on😂

Face mask against Air pollution

Another reason why face mask is so essential for Taiwanese is because of the amount of those scooter riders. If you get the chance to ride a scooter in the city, try not to wear a face mask and wipe your face with a napkin when you return home, you will find it Black…

Face mask against Allergic

face mask culture taiwan

For those allergic people out there, I swear to you face mask is a Bigggggg lifesaver! Of course, it won’t really stop you from sneezing, but you will feel so much better and sneeze less at least!

I have dealt with allergies since I was a kid, so I can guarantee that.

Also in winter, it feels so much better having a face mask on, it just feels warmer😂😅


Face mask for Gurlsssss

Last but not least: for us girls, whenever we are lazy to put on makeup but have to go somewhere, we put on face masks! 👌🏻

(Remember I told you about the kid-sized mask? Many of us like to wear that because it makes our face seem not “that big” with a kid’s mask😂)

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