[Taipei transportation] Taoyuan airport to Taipei

Before arriving in a foreign country, what makes me nervous is the transportation from the Airport to downtown. You don’t know if you will be charged extra or if you will put yourself in the middle of nowhere?

No worries! As a local Taiwanese, I’m here to help you know how to get from Taoyuan airport Taiwan to Taipei-3 most recommendable ways.

How to use the Taoyuan airport MRT? Is Taxi worth it? The cheapest option traveling from Taoyuan airport to Taipei main station: by bus (pretty comfortable as well!)

How far is Taoyuan to Taipei?
42km to 50km, depends on which highway you use.

How to get from Taoyuan airport to Taipei

Listed according to my preference

1. Taxi

To tell you the truth, this option is the main reason that makes me start this article. After my trip to Italy, I know how annoying it is when taxi drivers try to mess with you, charging you more than they should!

When I found the below Taxi options, I always use this service to get from Taoyuan airport to Taipei or from Taipei to the airport!

Benefits for booking your Taxi in advance:

  • Fixed-price (Sometimes cheaper than hiring a taxi directly from the airport which my sister had a bad experience)
  • Avoid awkward landing hours situation. Can’t find an Uber ride(yes, we have uber in Taipei) or the only Taxi driver in front of you is the one who is trying to f* you😑
  • The driver will be waiting for you at the airport and will keep track of whether your flight is delayed or not. 60-90mins free waiting time after your flight lands.

👉🏻Book it here

Personal experience with Klook Taxi service: 
I've booked through them 2 times so far in Taipei and they are very punctual. 
Once they arrive, they will contact you.
To the airport: they will wait for you for 15 mins~30 mins free of charge (depends on the option you choose)
From the airport: provide your flight number and they will wait for you 60~90 minutes after your flight lands (also depends on what option you choose)
*Taxi prices will be higher during Chinese New Year


2. Taoyuan Airport MRT


There are 2 metro lines that go from Taoyuan airport to Taipei: Blue (commuter) and Purple (express). The blue one makes more stops, which makes it longer to arrive to the city.

Duration:35min(T1)/ 39min (T2)
Price: 160.NT

What to expect:
The metro is very bright, new, and comfortable, which locals use daily as well to go to Taipei for work.

📌If you are in a rush, remember to take the purple line (express), it makes less stop.
📌The airport metro is not connected to the city metro. This means that after arriving at Taipei Main Station you will have to get upstairs to transfer into the city metro line. (You’ll find a map below about that)
📌The city Metro and Airport Metro both use the same “Easy card” 👉🏻Skip the line and book in advance

台北到機場 機場到台北

Easy Card:

Remember to buy the card before entering the city. First of all, you will need to use the metro to get to the city, secondly, it will be your best friend in the city. Top it up, and you can use it in any public transport, even in convenient stores, and sometimes taxi.

👉🏻buy it now

Where can I load easy card:
  1. Metro station 
    You can top up through the information desk or by machine
  2. Convenient stores
    (711, familymart, ok mart…I mostly top up there, more convenient)
How to use Easy card
  • MRT: Swipe the card before passing the turnstiles (it’s impossible to avoid so you don’t have to worry about missing it)
  • Bus: Swipe the card over the sensor when Getting on and off.

How to get from the Airport to Metro:

This will be the easiest task. Upon arrival, you will find signs giving directions towards taxis, buses, and the metro. So just follow the sign!

3. Bus


Company:Kuo-kuang (Website)


  • Rush hour: 55 minutes for each journey; buses depart every 5-10 minutes
  • Daytime: 45 minutes for each journey; buses depart every 10-20 minutes
  • Late night: 40 minutes for each journey

Single: 140NT
Return: 260NT
👉🏻Book your ticket here: Link 👈🏻

Kuo-Kuang is a trustable bus company that I used(I believe most Taiwanese) numerous times to get around in Taiwan.

If you choose this option, unsurprisingly you can get off at Taipei main station. Or if you live close to the Songshan airport or Nangang, taking the bus might be more convenient for you since they make stops there as well.

Planning to stay a night in Taoyuan?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Taoyuan airport code

What is the cheapest way to get from Taoyuan to Taipei?

What is the fastest way to get from Taoyuan to Taipei?
Taxi. Since it brings you directly to your destination.
By Metro (Express line) it seems fast, but the final destination is Taipei Main Station, you will have to walk a bit to change into the city line.

How much is MRT from Taoyuan airport to Taipei
160NT. That only brings you from Taoyuan airport to Taipei main station. When you transfer to the city line the calculation will start again.

Taoyuan airport to Taipei main station by high-speed rail
It is possible also but just not as recommendable as the above. From the city take the High-speed rail to Taoyuan HSR station. Then you will have to go to the Airport Metro and arrive at the airport by Metro.

Taipei to Taoyuan airport
Works exactly the same as above👆🏻 If you have plenty of time to enjoy the city to suburb view, use the MRT. If you are the one who’s always bustling till the last minute, avoid the situation such as suddenly all uber drivers are busy
👉🏻Book your ride in advance.

Above are the most recommended ways to get from the airport to Taipei city or Taipei to Taoyuan airport. I hope that you find them useful🤗Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

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